Transition in Packaging: FachPack 2022 is the place to be

Transition in Packaging: FachPack 2022 is the place to be

If you are going to FachPack in Nuremburg this year to explore new packaging trends, please come to the Berry Global stand 7-551, hall 7, to experience our most recent breakthrough technologies.

On September 27-29, FachPack, one of the main trade shows in Europe for companies that produce and use packaging, brings together about 1,100 exhibitors and 35,000+ visitors in Nuremberg, Germany.

The overall theme of the trade show is ‘Transition in Packaging’ which speaks to the strong trends currently affecting the packaging industry – among them the immense focus on sustainability and the circular economy.

Berry Superfos will be ready to welcome you at the Berry Global stand 7-551 in hall 7. On the same stand, you can also meet our sister companies Berry Bramlage and Berry BMS Specialities. Uwe Zinnert, Business Development Manager, Berry Superfos, says:

“FachPack is a great opportunity to get new input for your next great packaging. At our stand, you can experience many new packaging solutions made with Post-Consumer Recycled material. For most non-food products we can deliver at least a 30% share of recycled material. This is the threshold value which will make your packaging exempt from the new plastic tax introduced in the UK earlier this year. Our solutions are hands-on examples of how well plastic fits into the circular economy; they are made with recycled materials that can even be recycled again after the packaging has served its purpose.”

Food and non-food packaging to build a more sustainable future
All of the Berry companies represented offer product ranges which leverage the strength of Berry’s engineers and proprietary processes in designing for circularity. We offer tailored solutions to help achieve your goals including packaging that can be reused, refilled, easily recycled, and include recycled (rPP and rPET) and renewable content in the material mix. All these solutions offer a reduced carbon footprint compared to previous generations of the same packaging ranges.

As for food packaging, we also have new advanced recycling options available, including PP packaging made from recycled plastic (rPP) or other material - e.g. frying oil waste - of the same quality as virgin material. This requires an ISCC PLUS certification which many Berry Superfos facilities throughout Europe have already obtained. Please come to our stand at the exhibition and we will be happy to discuss this in detail with you.

You can save energy with lightweight packaging
In the array of packaging solutions from Berry Superfos, you will find several which are especially lightweight. Since the start of the millennium, Berry Superfos has repeatedly reduced the weight of many of our packaging products – and we keep progressing.

Lightweight packaging is good news in the current energy crisis since lighter packaging minimises the use of resources in the production process and optimises transportation, logistics and fuel consumption,” says Uwe Zinnert.

Take a closer look at our great designs
Be inspired by the samples that await you at our FachPack booth. Whether you are in the food or non-food business, you are cordially invited to take a closer look and ask us any packaging questions you may have.

“From convenience to long shelf life, from immaculate visuals to space-saving stackability – our packaging solutions respond to end-user needs and support the business of our customers, particularly in view of commercial responsibly,” Uwe Zinnert says.

Look for the Berry blue colour and make sure to stop by booth 7-511 – we very much look forward to seeing you.

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Sales Director Reusables
Berry Superfos
Phone: +49 172 7282 935

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