New safety milestone in Bosnia & Herzegovina

New safety milestone in Bosnia & Herzegovina

The Berry Superfos facility in Bosnia & Herzegovina has reached a vital milestone: one year without any recordable accidents among people working at or visiting the facility.

“Nothing you do on this site will be as important as going home safely to your family and loved ones.” This is the key message on a big sign by the entrance of the Berry Superfos facility in the town of Gračanica in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

The sign also shows that the facility, which has about 238 employees, recently passed one year without having any recordable accidents. This is an important milestone for employees and customers alike. Fatima Ibrahimović, Quality Management representative, Region South of Berry Superfos, says:

“We want to have a well-run and secure workplace for the safety of our employees and visitors. But a high safety level also tells our customers a lot about what they can expect. By running a tight ship and having all our processes in order safety-wise and otherwise, we are able to not only prevent accidents, but also ensure packaging solutions of a consistently high quality.”

Investments in training and leadership development
The facility is already certified according to ISO 9001:2015 (quality), IS0 14001:2015 (environment) and the BRCGS Standard (quality and hygiene), but Fatima Ibrahimović explains that the facility needed to do more about workplace safety.

“We decided to invest even further in constant safety awareness and dedication among our managers. During all of 2021, we strengthened our internal training as well as our leadership assessment and development. The result is that, today, our managers in Gračanica have a much stronger safety understanding and focus than previously. We are very excited that the investment has paid off.”

In addition, the facility had all its equipment such as moulds, machines in production and in the tool shop, forklifts, cranes etc., checked in 2021 by an external company. This resulted in the issue of new permits for using the equipment.

“All managers now play a much bigger role in this important safety work through daily morning meetings, safety committee meetings, weekly and monthly safety tours and so forth. The outcome of this effort is quite convincing, making Berry Superfos among the safest workplaces in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Naturally, we will continue this work every day from now on.”

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