• Innovation Center speeds up time to market

    An advanced technical playground for RPC Superfos customers has seen the light of day: RPC Superfos Innovation Center. It is a space for creating your own innovative packaging with us.

  • Dairy: RPC Superfos launches new pack for easy snacking

    An innovative and brand new packaging solution from RPC Superfos is now available for the dairy segment. The stylish pack includes a convenient spoon and is in tune with consumer demand for more easy meals on-the-go.

  • RPC Superfos introduces first class pet food pack

    Do you want to be different than your competitors in the pet food market? RPC Superfos now launches a new square LongLifeTM plastic pack that is an excellent alternative to the traditional aluminium tray.

  • How to save time on your artwork design

    Here is a short cut to a quick artwork design process: Use the virtual toolbox TurnAvisual which is now also available for mobile devices. Within minutes, it lets you create and see your packaging with artwork in 3D.

  • Paint without dry flakes

    Avoid dry flakes in paint by choosing the innovative solution FlakeFree® from RPC Superfos. It is an award winning add-on for your paint container and lid and enhances any paintjob.

  • Riciclaggio grazie alla tecnica della coiniezione

    RPC Superfos ha perfezionato la tecnica di coiniezione utilizzata per la produzione di imballaggi in plastica. Ora siamo in grado di produrre un contenitore utilizzando tipi di plastica diversi: materiale vegetale, materie prime vergini e materiale riciclato post consumo –ottenendo una riduzione dell’impronta di carbonio lasciata dal packaging.

  • We give colour to your brand

    With RPC Superfos packaging you get premium decoration techniques to make your brands stand out.

  • Custom containers promote uniqueness

    If you’re looking for packaging to add uniqueness to your brand, you’ve come to the right place.

  • How to stay fresh for longer

    Convenience products become more and more popular and consumers want them to stay fresh for longer. Our innovative injection moulded plastic packaging increases shelf life.

  • Certified hygiene standards

    Whether you are a food or a non-food manufacturer you must comply with a set of hygiene requirements. With RPC Superfos as your trusted partner you are guaranteed the strictest quality and hygiene standards for packaging.

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Ne vuoi sapere di più?

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Phone: +39 0542 670 480

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