Superfos provides politicians with facts about plastic

Superfos provides politicians with facts about plastic

When three Danish parliamentary candidates recently visited Superfos in Stilling, they agreed that more facts are vital for an informed plastic debate.

Plastic, environment and sustainability were centre stage when three Danish politicians, including one Member of Parliament, recently paid a visit to Superfos Stilling, Denmark. All are candidates running for the upcoming national Danish elections.

During the short study trip, the politicians experienced the modern production of plastic packaging through a tour of the factory floor as well as conversations with employees and management. The purpose was to learn more about plastic and sustainability in connection with the new national plastic plan which was adopted by the Danish parliament in the beginning of this year.

More knowledge for better decisions
The strategy includes 27 new initiatives, some of the most important ones being a unified sorting and collection of plastic waste on a national scale and the creation of a new national centre for plastic. The new centre will be tasked with creating more knowledge about how plastic can contribute to the development of a circular economy in Denmark.

Member of Parliament (Danish People’s Party) Mette Dencker explains:

“The visit was a great opportunity to learn more about plastic, bearing in mind the new national plastic plan and the increased focus on plastic in the environmental debate. It is imperative that we as legislators make our decisions on the best possible foundation so that our choices regarding plastic actually lead to a more circular economy. Therefore, it is rewarding to see that companies in Denmark like Superfos are determined to inform and use plastics in an intelligent way which is friendly towards the environment.”

Lars Smidt, Factory Manager of Superfos Stilling adds:

“We are always happy to receive guests, who are interested in what we do, especially politicians, who are making the decisions for the future use of plastic.” 

Better sorting and more recycling
One of Superfos’ key objectives is to pursue more sustainable plastic packaging by increasing the share of recycled plastic in the production. Another point is to harmonise and streamline the sorting and collection of plastic waste. Therefore, Lars Smidt welcomes an increased interest in sustainable solutions caused by the new national plastic plan:

“We want an informed debate about plastics, and we hope that the new plastic action plan will contribute to this. We are especially looking forward to receiving a specific time line for the new waste separation initiative that will make it easier for us to act in a more sustainable way. Additionally, we also highly support the initiative to establish a national centre for plastics to get the facts right in order to make informed decisions that are sustainable,” Lars Smidt ends.

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