Superfos continues the journey towards a more circular economy

Superfos continues the journey towards a more circular economy

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has countless severe consequences, it does invite us to positively reflect on the way we use resources. It is key that we continue our progress in adapting to the circular economy and reducing our environmental footprint. Superfos, a company of Berry Global, relentlessly works towards this end.

In these current challenging times, Superfos is determined to contribute with effective measures. As an example, we have reacted quickly to be able to deliver a practical pail for disinfectant wipes, improving hygiene in many industries. You can find more information about the pail here. On all levels, our customers can count on us, as their dedicated packaging solution provider, also in terms of sustainability:

Uwe Zinnert, Business Development Manager at Superfos, says: 

“We do keep up with the latest developments and we are committed to contributing to a more sustainable future. Tangible results come from our collaboration with suppliers, industry partners and customers, in our endeavour to implement central principles of the circular economy.”

Low weight is a plus for the environment
Did you know that weight reduction of packaging has been on the Superfos agenda for decades? The less material we use to produce top-quality packaging, the more resource efficient we are, and the less fuel is needed for transportation. In the case of 1,2L yogurt pots, we have achieved a reduction of approximately 2,500 tons of plastic over a 10-year period.

Post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR) and legislation
Unquestionably, PCR plastic is a valuable resource in the circular economy, and the use of it has many benefits. One of them is the reduction of fossil fuel use otherwise needed for producing virgin plastic. At Superfos we can offer a minimum of 30% PCR in most of our non-food packaging as standard which, by the way, is aligned with the imminent UK tax, applying to plastic packaging that does not contain at least 30% recycled plastic. Please note that in many cases we can offer a much higher degree of PCR, depending on the application of the packaging. Rest assured that we keep a vigilant eye on product innovation as well as national and international regulations. Naturally, we are also very focused on options and development to be able to offer food grade recycled polypropylene.

Non-carbon black
An example of a specific recycling feature is the high-quality non-carbon black masterbatch we are now able to offer. It contains special pigments to improve detection and the waste sorting process by NIR technology. Opting for non-carbon black helps to reduce the amount of non-recyclable plastic in the waste stream. You can read more here.

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