Successful Open-Door Day at Superfos La Genête

Successful Open-Door Day at Superfos La Genête

As part of the annual Industry Week in France, Superfos opened its doors for a day to the public. Around 400 visitors seized the opportunity to get an inside view of the modern facility.

This spring, Superfos, a Berry Global company, welcomed the public to visit La Genête facility, as part of a nationwide Industry Week event in France. The Open-Door Day was a real success with about 400 local visitors coming to explore the highly advanced factory which produces about 180 million units of plastic packaging every year.

Talking about sustainability with the general public
Through videos and guided tours, visitors learned about the Superfos expertise and the process of producing high quality injection moulded plastic packaging. In addition, a few recycling workshops were run.

Factory Manager in La Genête, Sébastien Morey says:

“The Industry Week in France is a fantastic opportunity to give people from our neighbourhood a chance to come and see what we do. It is a rewarding way to connect with the public, including the families of the 200+ employees working here. Besides showcasing our facility, we also got a chance to address plastic and sustainability this year. Samples of our top-quality pails made with a high degree of Post-Consumer Recycled material (PCR) caught quite a lot of positive attention.”

Why recycle?
Visitors now know that using PCR saves energy and cuts CO2 emissions which would otherwise be released during virgin plastic production. This means PCR pails contribute to a greener tomorrow and a reduced carbon footprint. Yet another illustration of how important it is to recycle used plastic.

The annual Industry Week in France is organised by DGE (the Directorate General for Enterprises) under the French Ministry of Economy and Finance. More than 4,800 events take place during Industry Week, offering the public a chance to get first-hand experience of industrial production.

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