RPC Superfos Randers achieves 1 year without reportable accidents

RPC Superfos Randers achieves 1 year without reportable accidents

The RPC Superfos Randers facility in Denmark has reached a milestone with one full year of continuous production without any reportable incidents. The achievement showcases our commitment to safety and punctual deliveries.

365 days or 8760 hours. That is how long the RPC Superfos Randers facility has been in production without any reportable accidents. This accomplishment is the result of a combined effort from employees, managers, contractors and visitors, who have all been instrumental in living up to the strict safety requirements of RPC Superfos every day for more than a year.

One year and counting
Consistent focus on safety through increased attention on all levels has paved the way to the result and obviously, Joel Kjellander, HSE Manager at RPC Superfos Randers, wants to continue the positive streak of running an accident-free operation.

“Everyone at RPC Superfos Randers is pleased to have reached the one-year milestone for the benefits of ourselves and for the benefit of our customers. Recent audits, surveys and reports demonstrate that we are clearly improving our level of safety and we will keep up the good work.”

The 365 days of uninterrupted production is a testament to the strong safety culture throughout RPC Superfos. Besides state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, guidelines and training, RPC Superfos makes safety an integrated part of the organisation implementing it into the everyday culture among all people working at or visiting the factory.  

The RPC Superfos Randers facility employs around 185 employees and manufacturers packaging solutions for food and non-food products. The factory holds the following certifications: ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management), ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management), BRC (Hygiene and Quality) ISO 50001 (Energy Management).

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Joel Kjellander
HSE Manager
Region Nordic
Randers & Stilling
Phone: +45 8793 5300

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