Practical pail for disinfectant wipes

Practical pail for disinfectant wipes

There is an unprecedented demand for speedy and effective cleaning in several industries and wipes are a convenient way to maintain a high hygiene standard. Superfos, a Berry Global company, is pleased to offer you an innovative series of practical containers for disinfectant wipes.

Many of us are currently doing all we possibly can to keep surfaces clean and hygienic to prevent risk of contamination. This means that effective and convenient disinfectant wipes are increasingly being used in health care, food processing, dairy and the HORECA business.

“In several industries, people who use disinfectant wipes multiple times every day, appreciate a practical, hygienic, and strong packaging solution. Wipes should be easy to get hold of and protected when not in use. So, Superfos is pleased to offer a range of containers with a resealable cap in the dispenser lid for disinfectant wipes, wet or dry,” explains Birthe Bebe Nielsen, Divisional Product Manager of Superfos.

Colours which signal hygiene
The packaging solution is a special refinement of the popular Paintainer® and SuperLift® range, now characterised by the dispenser lid. The resealable cap offers convenient functionality and is available in white, dark blue or red.

The regular colour of the container and lid is white; however, they are also available in other colours from the Superfos colour range. The pail can be decorated with In-Mould Labelling or offset depending on the base you choose. In addition, you have a choice of containers with a plastic handle on the collar and containers with a hanging plastic handle.

Available in several sizes
According to your and your customers’ needs, you can opt for small, medium, or large size containers ranging from 2.1 to 14.0 litres.

The dispenser lid is available in several diameters: for the SuperLift® range, the diameters are 198, 226, 267 and 293 mm. For the Paintainer® range, the diameter is 180 mm.

If you would like to know more about the series, including delivery time, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your usual Superfos contact.

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