Packaging Innovations 2019 – let’s meet in Birmingham

Packaging Innovations 2019 – let’s meet in Birmingham

From 27 to 28 February, Birmingham will turn into a hub for the packaging industry during the trade event Packaging Innovations and we look forward to it! Come by stand A33 and see some exciting samples from RPC Superfos including pails made from recycled material and eye-catching PET packaging solutions for confectionery.

Get up close to new inspiring packaging solutions at Packaging Innovations Birmingham in February and make sure to visit the attractive stand A33 of RPC Group. Here you will find the dedicated team from RPC Superfos UK Region. We invite you to visit us so that we may help you navigate the many packaging shapes, sizes and options which can make your products even more appealing to consumers.

Benefit from our wide pre-form library
Competition in retail is fierce, not least in fast moving consumer goods such as confectionery. Regional Sales Director Sean Dyer, RPC Superfos, UK Region, suggests that you create the highest level of on-shelf impact and consumer appeal by merging functional packaging with attractive branding. To this end, the extensive PET jar range from RPC Superfos is a great option:

“RPC Superfos is proud to offer customers an extensive pre-form library in our PET jar range. We have various standards and bespoke options. If you require a particular shape for your packaging, the blow moulding production method allows for cost-effective design flexibility and therefore virtually any bespoke solution. Why not use PET jars for a seasonal promotion or to mark an anniversary event? It is likely to boost sales.”

Mix and match sleeves, labels, lids…
PET, polyethylene-terephthalate, is a versatile material and has excellent clarity so that any eye-catching colourful content is visible on shelf. For an extra visual splash, you can use sleeves for decoration, combining various RPC processes and decoration options. Lids are available in several shapes and attention-grabbing colours, which ensure better shelf stand-out.

PET is energy efficient and fully recyclable
As a material, PET is very energy efficient and fully recyclable. An important fact, as more and more packaging procurement managers in manufacturing companies rightly prioritise sustainability in the supply chain. PET drinking bottles are one of the most recyclable products, according to Plastics Recyclers Europe. Recycling of PP, polypropylene, increasingly gains importance as PP can be recycled into many types of products − including pails.

Sustainable solutions in PCR
RPC Superfos fully favours and promotes sustainable development and for non-food products, RPC Superfos offers a series of pails made from PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) material. These pails are produced without any virgin polypropylene and include plastic and steel handle with roller grip options.

“Packaging solutions from RPC Superfos have a very high recycling value and are lightweight. The lightness of plastics already makes a significant contribution to reducing the carbon footprint of a business and the impact of transportation. With the PCR series, we further underline the sustainable aspects of our packaging products,” Sean Dyer points out.

Stand A33 for fresh ideas
When in Birmingham, please take a moment at our stand to see, touch and experience samples of the versatile RPC Superfos pails. During Packaging Innovations 2019 at the National Exhibition Centre, our team is keen to meet you at stand A33 and we look forward to sharing innovative packaging ideas in support of your business. See you soon!

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