Operation Clean Sweep protects our environment

Operation Clean Sweep protects our environment

Superfos, a company of Berry Global, is a partner in the Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) programme. The goal of this voluntary stewardship initiative is to ensure that resin, pellets, flakes and powders passing through plastic production facilities do not end up in the environment. Here’s an update for you:

As a responsible major player on the plastic packaging market, and as your trusted plastic packaging solution provider, Superfos is committed to protecting the environment. This includes keeping plastic out of the waterways. While most of the Superfos facilities already hold an ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification, we are also implementing the Operation Clean Sweep programme throughout our organisation. It reflects our own values and also has significant importance for the vast majority of our customers who focus on sustainability.

Small changes add up and make a difference
Lars Skjold Frederiksen, R&D Project Manager, Superfos, says:

“Superfos wants to prevent plastic resin, pellets, flakes and powders from ending up in the environment, particularly in the marine environment. Working with the OCS programme helps us to incorporate a few small but important changes in our daily production. These small changes add up and make a difference for the benefit of our waterways.”

Putting our own house in order
The main principles are “See it. Contain it. Clean it. Recycle it”. An instance in point at the Superfos facilities is the implementation of filters in all rainwater drainage systems. Other hands-on examples are putting a fine mesh fence around plastic pellet silos and making shovels, brooms and buckets available so that cleaning is easy to do. In addition, a catch tray with glue underneath a silo is a simple, yet efficient, measure to contain spills such as plastic powder.

“The measures themselves are not rocket science; the challenge is to ensure that daily routines follow suit. Fortunately, we do see improvements on several levels at all participating facilities. However, we must continue to focus on behavioural change. Educating and empowering facility workers and subcontractors is a challenge which we eagerly take up,” Lars Skjold Frederiksen explains.

The preventive OCS measures are audited regularly The audit itself is a key driver for implementing the changes with the overall goal to minimise the operational impact of our production. While plastic waste in the environment is unacceptable, plastic as a material remains vital for creating a number of sustainable solutions across a wide range of applications, including plastic packaging.

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