On the menu at FoodTech: sustainable packaging

On the menu at FoodTech: sustainable packaging

Plastic packaging remains a viable and sustainable solution for protecting, transporting and selling your food products. Join Superfos at the upcoming FoodTech trade show in Denmark and learn about our exciting new packaging solutions and development projects. Welcome to Hall M, Stand 9550!

As a professional in the food industry, you are no doubt looking for solid, yet sustainable, food packaging solutions. With this in mind, make sure to visit the stand of Superfos, a Berry Global company, at the FoodTech trade show running from 29 September to 1 October 2020 at Messecenter Herning, Denmark.

Recycling on the up
Jørgen Bitsch, General Sales Manager, Superfos, Region Nordic, gives you some of the reasons why you should come by:

“In leaps and bounds, Superfos is increasing the range of sustainable offerings to the food processing industry. Non-carbon black master batch is one such example. It helps to reduce the amount of non-recyclable plastic in the waste stream. What is more, we are exploring an advanced recycling technique, allowing for 30% recycled polypropylene (rPP) in food packaging, and also paving the way for increased use of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET). We are quite excited about this and eager to show our FoodTech visitors both new ready-to-use packaging solutions, as well as some promising test results for future innovations.”

How to reduce the use of plastic
Plastic is a fabulous, resource efficient and valuable packaging material, however rethinking the use of virgin plastic is a must these days. Superfos is pleased to offer you two new solutions where plastic is combined with cardboard − one is thermoformed, the other is injection moulded. In both cases the plastic content is kept to a minimum, while still ensuring strong capability for the product. See and feel the samples at our stand.

Weight reduction is another tried and tested path to decrease the use of plastic. Over the years, Superfos has achieved significant weight cuts for several packs. Most recently, the lid of a 1 kg yogurt pail has become 20 percent lighter.

What’s in the pioneering pipeline?
To achieve even further weight reduction of our packaging solutions, Superfos is working with a few pioneering process technologies. So far test results indicate a prospective cut in weight by 20 to 30 percent. Other inventive test projects concern plastic based on renewable sources from the Nordic forest industry, suggesting effective use of up to 30% biobased material for the production of a top-quality plastic container for food.

“Superfos has so much to offer at this present time and we count on seeing many interested visitors at Hall M, Stand 9550, who can catch up with the latest innovation in sustainable plastic packaging. Plus, we showcase firm favourites such as UniPak, SuperLight™ and EasySnacking™. Our trade show team looks forward to seeing you,” says Jørgen Bitsch.

Hygiene is top priority
Rest assured that plenty of hand sanitizers will be on our stand and, of course, we will frequently disinfect all surfaces with disinfectant wipes. By the way, these wipes come in a practical plastic pail with a dispenser lid and a resealable cap. Superfos has successfully developed this popular solution, which is very well received by numerous customers in the food processing, dairy and HORECA business. Check it out!

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Phone: +45 2146 5544

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