More efficient use of energy with ISO 50001

More efficient use of energy with ISO 50001

The RPC Superfos sites in the UK Region now live up to the energy savings legislation. Under the ISO 50001 framework the goal is to reach a 17% reduction in power consumption by 2020.

Reduced energy consumption means killing two birds with one stone: saving energy means strengthening our competitive position in favour of our customers, as well as contributing to minimising climate change.

RPC Superfos UK Region is in full swing with implementing energy saving programmes and has now achieved ISO 50001 certification. Each site - Barplas, Oakham and Blackburn - has its own dedicated energy team and systems in place to monitor the current consumption of all utilities: electricity, water, gas and diesel, while electricity is the focal point.

RPC Superfos follows a general policy to develop more efficient use of energy and makes regular reviews to monitor progress. Measuring, identifying potential problems and troubleshooting are core activities.

Part of our Sustainability Matters Programme
The energy management programme is in line with the one adopted by parent company RPC Group, and is spearheaded by Eduardo Gomes, General Manager of RPC M&H Market Rasen. He says:

“Energy reduction and efficiencies are a key part of our Sustainability Matters Programme: the ISO 50001 accreditation supports our work in this area and is a tribute to the hard work and commitment of everyone involved in the project.”

Implementing better ways of using energy, coupled with training and increased awareness, means that within the next few years RPC UK operations will deliver an overall saving of 17% compared with the power consumption in 2008.

At present, upcoming ISO 50001 certifications are scheduled for our facilities in Wetteren (Belgium), Randers and Stilling (Denmark).

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Want to know more?

Andy Bloor
Regional Director
UK Region
Phone: +44 1254 682298

Want to know more?

Katherine Fleet
Group Sustainability Manager
Rushden, UK
Phone: +44 1933 416528

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