Let’s meet and talk about sustainability at Cfia Rennes 2019

Let’s meet and talk about sustainability at Cfia Rennes 2019

Do you want to know more about how packaging can reduce food waste? Or are you looking for ways to cut CO2 emissions? Then please visit our stand Hall 10 G45 at the Cfia trade fair 2019; this is the major event for the food processing sector in Europe. We look forward to sharing information with you about these topics.

From 12 to 14 March, the exciting Cfia trade fair is on in Rennes, France. This significant event gathers more than 22,000 visitors and 1,600 exhibitors – and we hope to see you there, too. The RPC Superfos team looks forward to meeting you at Hall 10 G45, keen to help you make optimal packaging purchase decisions.

100% polypropylene means 100% recyclable
If you, as a food producer, are working towards a more sustainable profile for your company, you would be wise to choose plastic packaging solutions because they present inherent environmental and sustainable benefits.

Laurent Morel, Sales Director, RPC Superfos in France, explains:

“Almost all RPC Superfos packaging solutions are produced with 100% PP (polypropylene). As this type of plastic is fully recyclable, it makes a real contribution to sustainability and supports the development of a circular economy. This is also an important message to get through to end-users, because in some markets, this fact is not common knowledge. So, food producers may consider including “fully recyclable packaging” on their artwork decoration”.

Plastic packaging protects costly produced food
Another issue these days is food waste. With innovative oxygen barrier solutions, food packaging from RPC Superfos keeps your food product fresh for longer. This means that the risk of food waste is reduced and therefore the protective packaging is contributing to sustainable consumption.  

At the Cfia trade fair, RPC Superfos showcases the SuperLock® pot with a convenient screw-lid. The solution is ideal for a broad range of oxygen sensitive food products such as cooking sauces and soups. It gives convenience food a long shelf life even when stored under ambient conditions.

Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing RPC Superfos products 
In addition, plastic packaging from RPC Superfos is lightweight, which means that it optimises transportation and logistics, and thus reduces the CO2 emissions related to this part of the supply chain. On a regular basis, RPC Superfos works on reducing packaging weight, and offers strong solutions with the smallest amount of virgin PP packaging material.

Since the millennium, RPC Superfos has determinedly worked on reducing the average weight of its packaging products. As an example, a 1L yogurt pot has now become 16% lighter than in 2008 without losing any of its protective properties. This is equivalent to a reduction of 2.5 tons of plastic.

SuperLight™ is lighter than ever – check it out at Hall 10 G45
An example of recent developments in this area is an updated version of the SuperLight™ pot, now even lighter than before and on display at Hall 10 G45. Make sure to visit us for a hands-on and ask any packaging questions you may have.  By taking your specific packaging needs and sustainability efforts into account, we can help you make the right choice.

“A packaging choice must make sense both from an economic and environmental point of view, and this applies to the entire value chain, from production and transportation to recycling. Here, plastic delivers a strong performance and we look forward to discussing this with all our visitors at Cfia,” Laurent Morel concludes.

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