Bees make a big buzz at Superfos La Genête

Bees make a big buzz at Superfos La Genête

Five beehives are now placed in the grounds of Superfos, a company of Berry Global, at La Genête. This practical initiative demonstrates our commitment to sustainability.

Superfos, a company of Berry Global, now hosts five beehives at the production site at La Genête, France. The beehive initiative came about following dialogue with its neighbouring manufacturer, and the hives are placed at the boundary of the two sites.      

Though each beehive is expected to produce between 20 kg and 60 kg of honey each year, honey production is far from being the target.

Sébastien Morey, Factory Manager at Superfos La Genête, explains:

“Honey is a sweet benefit of beekeeping, but the important part lies in creating space for bees, which are fundamental for biodiversity. We want to protect the environment and hosting the beehives is a way to show that we care. Without the pollination done by bees, we would not have fruits, vegetables and flowers.”

When it is time to harvest the honey, Superfos La Genête plans to fill the amber liquid into plastic pots with an In-Mould label made for the occasion. Subject to availability, the potted honey will be offered to customers as a small token gift. So, if you happen to be(e) in the area, make sure to visit the facility to watch the bees and eventually receive a pot of very special locally produced honey.

Bees are busily bringing pollen, nectar, resin and water to their beehives to ensure its development and they are not motivated to sting humans, unless met with aggression. A local beekeeper regularly looks after the beehives and the bees to ensure their well-being.

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