How much trash can you pick up in 1 clean-up day?

How much trash can you pick up in 1 clean-up day?

At the La Genête site of Superfos, a Berry Global company, employees volunteered to clean up the outdoor area of their workplace. The amount of waste collected in just one day is quite astonishing.

Cigarette butts, pieces of processed wood, paper, plastic bags, plastic bottles just to name a few. These items are just a few examples of the type of trash which people carelessly dump in the open environment. In terms of trash, it has been given a major overhaul during this autumn’s Health & Safety Week.

Equipped with gloves, tongs and big waste bags, two teams of employee volunteers gathered to clean up the outdoor area of the facility. A neighbouring manufacturing company also joined the clean-up action. Together, they collected and sorted 259 kg of items which rightly belong in a trash can or a recycling bin.

Cécile Barret, Quality, Health and Environment Manager at Superfos La Genête, explains:

“Environmental stewardship matters to us and one of our priorities is commitment to a clean environment. The trash, waste and rubbish found in our immediate surroundings does not necessarily originate from us – it comes from wherever. In any event, we want our space to be clean and pleasant and it was great to see how eagerly everyone worked to make it nice and tidy.”

The clean-up action day event proved to be a big success and plans are already afoot regarding half-yearly repetitions.

The initiative at La Genête is very much in line with the international Operation Clean Sweep programme. Superfos is implementing this across the organisation, being committed to prevent resin pellet, flake, and powder loss to protect our environment, not least the oceans.

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