Energy efficiency showcased to Vietnamese delegation

Energy efficiency showcased to Vietnamese delegation

Within the scope of the Danish/Vietnamese Energy Partnership Programme, Superfos, a Berry Global company, sets an example for energy efficiency. A fruitfuI visit took place in May when a Vietnamese delegation came to the Randers facility to learn about environmental impact and energy savings in our industry.

What can be done to optimise the use of energy resources and how can we reduce the environmental impact of production facilities? These topics where successfully addressed in May, when Superfos Randers hosted visitors from Vietnam. In particular, the delegation wanted to learn about energy savings in the plastic industry.

The delegation included government officers from the Vietnamese Ministry of Trade and Industry, and vice-presidents from a northern and a southern province in Vietnam. The group was accompanied by two representatives from the Danish Energy Agency, and the visit was organised as part the joint Danish/Vietnamese Energy Partnership Programme.

Hands-on exchange contributes to a low carbon economy
Joel Kjellander, HSE Manager at Superfos Stilling and Randers, explained to the delegation how Danish taxes and grants promote energy efficiency and presented some recent achievements:

“Superfos is pleased to get the chance to demonstrate how we operate, and what we have achieved so far. Among our results is a 12% decrease in kWh for the production of 1,000 units, comparing 2013 to 2018, at Stilling and Randers. It was fruitful to discuss which benchmarks provide the most useful information about energy efficiency and it was very interesting to learn about practices and grant schemes in Vietnam.”

Operation Clean Sweep
Another topic was the ongoing effort to implement the Operation Clean Sweep programme across the Superfos organisation.

“We are committed to preventing resin, pellet, flake and powder loss to protect our environment, not least the oceans and, pleasingly, we are making progress step by step. The Operation Clean Sweep programme at Superfos clearly caught the attention of the Vietnamese delegation just as much as our energy saving initiatives,” he explains.

Certified Energy Management System
At Randers and Stilling, dedicated energy teams and systems are in place to monitor the current consumption of all utilities: electricity, water, gas and diesel. Regular reviews are made to monitor progress and the two Superfos facilities in Denmark each hold an ISO 50001 Energy Management System certificate.

“Progress starts with the changes we as an industry can make in our production, in Denmark, in Vietnam or elsewhere. The hands-on exchange at our facility is a small yet important contribution to help strengthen Vietnam in making the transition towards a low-carbon economy, and we are very pleased to be part of it,” Joel Kjellander concludes.

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