UniPak PCR container completes sustainable design

UniPak PCR container completes sustainable design

Plants are essential for a pleasant and productive indoor climate. This goes for your workspace and for your home office. Now, the Danish start-up SQUARELY offers pioneering, sustainable and elegant plant boxes with UniPak containers inside – made with PCR, post-consumer recycled material.

First you take some leftover wood material, possibly high-end furniture products. Then you add a water tank and a capillary self-watering system, a plastic box made with recycled material (PCR), fertile soil and a plant. Combined with hours and hours of hard work, great Danish design and an entrepreneurial spirit, you get sustainable and attractive plant boxes from SQUARELY, a Danish start-up heading for success.

Sustainable plastic on the inside
SQUARELY crafts and sells a series of beautiful plant boxes which help to enhance the indoor working climate with minimal effort and maintenance. While the look of the plant box is very important, the PCR plastic container completes the design. This is because the durable UniPak PCR container from Superfos, a Berry Global company, comes in the right size and quality and, importantly, is partly made of recycled monomaterial PP (polypropylene).

Improved supply chain setup
CEO and Architect Agne Szwarczewska is the originator of SQUARELY. She is very content with the recent collaboration with Superfos. Earlier, SQUARELY collected used UniPak plastic containers in the appropriate size mainly at Copenhagen restaurants.  Afterwards, the containers were sorted and cleaned to become the inner waterproof lining of the wooden plant boxes. However, this process required time, transportation and lots of water, which is not so sustainable.

Then Agne Szwarczewska got in touch with Superfos directly to explore other options and found a perfect fit:

“As Superfos sources huge amounts of clean post-consumer recycled material for producing new packaging products, it is a much better solution to purchase the UniPak container with PCR directly from Superfos. It is a perfect match and an integral part of our sustainable plant boxes. The containers are clean, come in the perfect size and are ready to be included in our plant boxes. This is a clear advantage, as the new supply chain setup greatly improves our production efficiency.”

Corona sparks growing interest for the home office
The plant boxes come in a variety of natural colours and textures, and are shipped to Europe, with Denmark, Germany and UK as the top three markets. SQUARELY has a successful online shop which, during the pandemic, proved to be vital.

“Like almost any business, we were affected by the lockdown in 2020, yet these days we see a growing interest for our indoor climate offerings. Lots of people want to create a pleasant working space for their home office or use plants in boxes to outline the office space. Also, several companies buy our products to ameliorate the indoor climate or to add zest to a recreational outdoor area. We are very pleased to contribute to this with our sustainable products and look forward to continuing our journey with Superfos as our trusted supplier,” Agne Szwarczewska concludes.

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