The strainer makes the difference

The strainer makes the difference

A pack with a strainer is a spot on solution for seafood products in brine. This is what Santa Bremor, market leader in the fish industry in Belarus, concludes after using the UniPak container with insert from RPC Superfos for a few months.

Customers always crave novelty so, to be on track, the leading seafood producer Santa Bremor in Belarus recently launched a new series of preserves in brine and oil. However, it is not only their mussels, shrimps, octopus and seafood cocktails that are new - the packaging solution also has novelty value because Santa Bremor is using a UniPak container with a strainer. 

Safeguards quality even after opening
Angelina Averina, Brand Manager, Santa Bremor, explains why the packaging choice helps maintain product quality:

“We opted for the pack with a strainer because it makes it easy for consumers to take some seafood from the container and leave the rest in the brine or oil for later consumption. Our product remains juicy, tastes better and also stays fresh for longer, when it is kept in the liquid in the fridge. In this way, the packaging solution safeguards the quality of our preserved seafood product, even after opening.”

The strainer jogs the customer’s memory
The new seafood series from Santa Bremor consists of a variety of the most popular types of seafood preserves in their main markets, including Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Moldova. The selected pack contains 500 g and is 95 mm in diameter.

“We are happy to have a big volume pack in our assortment. The size as well as the conical shape is ideal for our customers. The strainer represents a clear advantage, because it makes sure that we stand out from our competitors. Customers remember the new seafood preserves from Santa Bremor because of the convenient strainer,” Angelina Averina explains.

It is hassle-free to open and re-close the UniPak pot which comes with a liquid tight snap-on lid and a visible deterrent to tampering as standard. The strainer is made of the same high quality material as the pot and designed to be a perfect fit. The artwork design includes an infographic about the strainer so that customers quickly understand its benefits.  Further, the healthy and delicious content of the pot is depicted in razor-sharp photo quality thanks to the advanced In-Mould labelling technique. 

Positive market feedback
Angelina Averina has noted only positive feedback to the new seafood series and to the packaging with the strainer:

“We offer a high quality seafood product complemented by a high quality packaging solution. It is good to see that our distributors show plenty of interest in our new series and keep putting it on the supermarket shelf.”

Santa Bremor is the biggest seafood producer in the CIS region, the Commonwealth of Independent States (former countries of USSR), and offers more than 500 different types of product through trade representatives in more than 80 cities within CIS.

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