Plastic pail boosts sales of kids’ craft material

Plastic pail boosts sales of kids’ craft material

The eye-catching plastic packaging SuperLift® has a clear positive impact on the international sales figures for German made PlayMais®, a natural, safe and versatile craft material for children.

Parents all over the world are nurturing their children’s creativity and a simple, yet smart, all natural toy product, sold under the trade mark PlayMais®, is becoming increasingly popular. The craft material is made of nothing but maize, water and food colouring and allows for a lot of easy fun creating colourful collages or 3D shapes and figurines. Even very small children can play with the PlayMais®material as it only takes a dash of water and a gentle squeeze to make pieces of it stick together.  

The PlayMais® craft material is manufactured in Germany by the company Loick Biowertstoffe GmbH. Currently, it is gaining popularity and is internationally successful in the SuperLift®plastic pack from RPC Superfos. From Europe to overseas markets like Japan, Brazil, United States, the sales figures are on the rise.

Attractive and semi-transparent
The eye-catching and attractive SuperLift® pail for the PlayMais® products is semi-transparent and beautifully decorated in vivid colours with the In-Mould labelling technique. The customer can see the contents and easily pick up a pail by the handle from the shop display on the way to the cash register. Another advantage for the end user is that the empty pail can be used for storing toys in the playroom.

Retailers prefer the pail
Alexandra Farin from the Purchase Department of Loick Biowertstoffe is pleased with the recent market development and the selected packaging option:

“At the beginning, we used the SuperLift® plastic pail for occasional promotional campaigns, but then we could clearly see that the plastic pail sold much better than the cardboard box which we also use. Our retailers tell us that they prefer the pail because it is very popular with customers, so now we are increasingly looking at using plastic pails.”

“Our business relationship with RPC Superfos is very good and I feel extremely well treated as their customer. In the case of rare hurdles, the RPC Superfos team immediately makes an effort to find a viable solution for us, so we truly enjoy working with them.”

Loick Biowertstoffe distributes the PlayMais® products through major well-known toy stores like Toys R Us, Vedes or El Corte Ingles. Further, PlayMais® is a give-away in a kids’ menu at various fast food restaurants in Germany. 

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