Nice device for ice cream from Taice: the integral spoon

Nice device for ice cream from Taice: the integral spoon

Tried and tested by experts, a new series of ice cream from the Russian company Taice is selling well in Moscow and surrounding areas. To ensure a successful launch, Taice opted for the sleek EasySnacking™ pot from RPC Superfos, which comes with an integral spoon in the lid.

These days in Russia, a new player on the ice-cream market, Taice, reports strong sales figures and concludes that opting for the EasySnacking™ pot from RPC Superfos was the right decision to make. Recently, the new ice-cream brand Taice was successfully launched in Moscow and surrounding areas.

Developed by experts
To ensure a perfect blend of ingredients and to appeal to urban palates, the recipes for the tasty ice-cream flavours were carefully developed by experts. The delicious varieties include blackcurrant, raspberry, cherry, chocolate, strawberry and sweet condensed milk. The lid of the packaging comes in a striking purple colour that catches the consumer’s attention.

Spoon under a tear-off label in the lid
Besides the powerful colours and the smooth design lines of the handy sleek EasySnacking™ pot, the integral spoon is a key feature for Taice. The spoon is neatly separated from the ice cream; easy to grasp under a tear-off label in the lid. Taice made the vital packaging decision in collaboration with Denis Komarov, the company representative at UnipakCentr. He says:

“The Taice ice cream is of excellent quality so it was important to find a packaging solution on a matching quality level. In the EasySnacking™ pot, we found what we were looking for. We value the entire packaging solution, but the spoon deserves a special mention. It is sturdy, convenient and perfectly in tune with consumer demand for an easy sweet treat on-the-go.”

A striking look which whets the appetite
The Taice ice-cream is sold to end-users through food markets, cinemas, pizzerias and gas stations. Now, Taice looks forward to the next summer season.

“People who have enjoyed the Taice ice-cream from the EasySnacking™ pot tell us that they like it very much. We do get a lot of positive feedback, both in respect of the quality and taste of the ice cream, and in respect of the packaging solution,” Denis Komarov explains.

Thanks to the In-Mould Labelling technique from RPC Superfos, it is possible to show the texture of the ice cream in razor-sharp photo quality on the packaging. The smart look of the EasySnacking™ pot makes the product stand out on shelf and surely does whet the appetite for Taice ice cream. Best part: there is no need to wait, the spoon is in the lid!

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