New bespoke dispenser means less food waste

New bespoke dispenser means less food waste

A new bespoke dispenser for sauces at cafeterias reduces food waste through improved emptying and adds value to the products of French company Lesieur. The solution is the result of a successful co-creation involving RPC Superfos and RPC Promens.

A dollop of ketchup, salad sauce or mayonnaise naturally accompanies meals at cafeterias, fast food restaurants and school canteens. Now, all over France, seven tasty varieties of sauces from the French producer Lesieur are available in a new type of dispenser named Penguin, alluding to its shape. The solution was co-created by RPC Superfos and RPC Promens and consists of a base and a top, uniting injection moulding and blow moulding techniques.

Up to 16% savings
Each dispenser contains about 5 litres and the improved modernised pack performs significantly better than the one it replaces. A key benefit is the extra emptying power, achieved through a special design at the inner lower part of the dispenser.

Virginie Recoura, senior engineer, Packaging Research and Innovation, at Lesieur explains:

“The new dispenser from RPC Superfos and RPC Promens makes it easier to exploit its content. Today, our customers – fast food restaurants, canteens etc. – buy the usual amount of sauce at the usual price, but through the new dispenser they actually get up to 16% more of our product thanks to its improved emptying. This means costs savings for our customers and, on a general note, significantly less food waste.”

Ergonomic design makes it is easy to handle
Another value adding aspect of the attractive Penguin dispenser is its great ergonomic design. Not only is there a feel-good factor for end users pushing the pump; the shape of the bottom also makes it comfortable for busy catering staff to put a hand underneath it when carrying it around. Hassle-free working procedures for replacing empty dispensers with filled ones is a clear benefit and according to a market survey, the dispenser is already tremendously popular among the customers of Lesieur:

“Our analysis shows a strikingly positive feedback. More than 95% of the respondents say that it is likely or probable that they will replace their existing sauce dispenser with our new one,” says Virginie Recoura.

She points out that the dispenser also ensures the right amount of sauce per serving, which is in line with French legislation on better nutrition to fight obesity.

Successful first-time bespoke project
From a number of off-the-shelf packaging solutions, Lesieur already knows both RPC Superfos and RPC Promens. However, this bespoke project is a first-time cooperation, which has proved to be a solid success.

“I have been working with several packaging providers for more than 10 years and have never come across such impressive working ethics as demonstrated by the RPC Superfos and RPC Promens. Despite the complexity of the project, it has been easy for us to work with mainly one point of contact.”

“The team has been highly motivated, committed and persistent throughout the entire process from beginning to end. We have received many creative ideas and matching technically feasible solutions. To wrap it up, RPC Superfos and RPC Promens have assisted us in a brilliant way in all aspects of the Penguin project,” Virginie Recoura concludes.

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