Let’s do it ourselves with pots from RPC Superfos

Let’s do it ourselves with pots from RPC Superfos

Instead of importing a series quark, the Swedish dairy producer Skånemejerierne decided to produce and pack the range themselves. In this regard their choice of packaging fell on the thermoformed SuperLight™ pot from RPC Superfos.

Quark is full of healthy proteins and is very popular among fitness fans and athletes in Sweden. The Swedish dairy producer Skånemejerierne offers a large range of quark under the trade mark Lindahls Kvarg.

The quark comes in 25 different flavours, each with its specific artwork design, and is now on shelf in Sweden in thermoformed SuperLight™ pots from RPC Superfos. They contain 500 g of tasty quark and are decorated with offset print in six colours.

The range includes many delicious flavours like vanilla, coconut and strawberry, as well as other varieties such as low carb lactose free raspberry.

A change behind the scenes
Today, the large Lindahls Kvark range is produced and packed in southern Sweden, instead of being imported from Germany. This change came about last year when Skånemejerierne decided to invest in their own filling line.

The locally produced quark was put on the market in autumn and, though the packaging did actually change, the end users have not noticed it at all. Purchaser Thore Bengtsson from Skånemejerierne stresses that this was in fact the whole point:

“The aim of the entire project was to maintain the same packaging standard as before, with only ourselves noticing the changes. We asked RPC Superfos to deliver the same type of pack as the one we used to import, and we got what we asked for, even within a very tight time schedule. We’ve had superb cooperation with RPC Superfos who have given us the right product quality, service and support on time and according to plan.”

After swapping to their own filling line, Skånemejeriernes quark production has become more cost efficient with the intention of further strengthening their market position in Sweden and in other European countries.

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