Customised duo supports sales and saves costs

Customised duo supports sales and saves costs

RPC Superfos is behind a new customised packaging solution for Orkla Foods Norway. The solution in two sizes contributes to better sales of Nugatti chocolate spread and reduces costs.

For more than 40 years Norwegians of all ages have savoured the sweet chocolate spread Nugatti, produced and distributed by Orkla Foods Norway, the leading supplier of branded consumer goods in the Nordics and the Baltics. In fact, Nugatti ranks as the unbeaten No. 1 chocolate spread in Norway.

Now three new varieties of the spread with hazelnut bites are being launched – in a big pot as well as in a smaller one. The packaging duo has been developed especially for Orkla Foods Norway by RPC Superfos and gives the entire Nugatti portfolio an improved packaging design - including a new and clear brand display.

Jan Sævareid, Purchasing Director at Orkla Foods Norway, says:

“Though our brand has been the consumer’s preferred choice for decades we know that we must constantly develop and renew our products to earn customer loyalty. That is why we present new varieties every year and work on improving our packaging solutions.”

Finding the right size
The project includes a new size for the smaller pot. While the new big pot still holds 500 gr, the small pot now holds 350 gr. The new small size offers stronger consumer appeal and there is every indication that the packaging will contribute to increased sales.

Two pots share one lid
The new customised solution also has a logistic advantage: The lid fits both pot sizes, so they share one type of lid.

“As purchasing director, I find it particularly excellent that we can reduce the number of packaging pieces from four to three: Two bodies and one lid instead of two bodies and two lids. This change has lowered our costs,” Jan Sævareid explains.

Moving with speed
Orkla Foods is highly satisfied with the creative level and the project management from RPC Superfos. The customised solution moved from concept to delivery in less than six months.

“Speed-to-market is of the essence and RPC Superfos has reached all important milestones according to plan. Moreover, the pair of new pots in two sizes looks fabulous on shelf,” Jan Sævareid says and concludes:

“Running this customised packaging project with RPC Superfos has been an immensely good experience. They have offered competitive pricing, demonstrated strong execution skills and delivered high quality packaging products.”

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