Bottles & paint cans: Easy purchasing within RPC

Bottles & paint cans: Easy purchasing within RPC

Multi-process capabilities across the RPC Group’s divisions ensure that the different packaging needs of virtually all products are met. Here is an example: Roar Advance Finishing, a car care specialist, sources the majority of its of packaging from RPC.

RPC Superfos is supplying 1 and 2.5 litre Paintainers; RPC Promens Industrial Rushden is producing a 1 litre bottle; and RPC PET Power has been able to meet the need for a 1 litre PET bottle as well. All these packs go to Roar Advance Finishing, a newly-established car care and finishing specialist in the UK. The company sources the majority of its packaging solutions from one supplier, the RPC Group, and enjoys the versatility of the offerings.

All packs reflect the quality image of the company
The variety of car care and finishing products calls for a number of different packaging formats but essential requirements for all packs are that they are practical, functional and reflect the quality image of the company, as director Rob Wilkinson, Roar Advance Finishing, explains:

“For these types of specialist products it is particularly important that the packaging is robust and provides effective protection.  At the same time, the packs need to look good and be easy to use.  Having worked with RPC before, I knew we could rely on the company to meet these requirements reliably and consistently.”

The packs are being used for products such as Extreme Wax (the PET bottle), Extreme Fine Grade for removal of swirl marks (the High Density Polyethylene bottle, HDPE) and Speed Cut Compound for removal of sanding marks (the Paintainer paint can from RPC Superfos).  All feature Roar’s distinctive orange and black colours to create high impact branding and effective on-shelf presence.

Different packs from virtually one supplier
The HDPE and PET bottles are produced in orange and black respectively and both incorporate a large decoration area for glossy wraparound labels. For the paint cans, the use of in-mould labelling provides all over coverage for a high quality decorative effect combined with room for detailed instructions on usage of the product. 

“Plastic has proved to be a highly versatile material in meeting the needs of many of our products. RPC is equally versatile in enabling us to source so many different pack types from one supplier and the pedigree of the company’s technical abilities is evident in all these containers,” concludes Rob Wilkinson.

Established by a group of professionals with over 30 years’ experience within the car refinish, automotive and composite finishing industries, Roar has developed a wide range of both professional and consumer products for the global market. 

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