B2C: Get your pack ready for Christmas

B2C: Get your pack ready for Christmas

RPC Superfos helped Burton’s Biscuits, United Kingdom, develop a packaging solution for a key UK retailer, driving sales over the Christmas period. A variety of Cadbury mini biscuit bags were packed into a bespoke tub featuring a fun seasonal design.

Christmas is a considerable opportunity across the globe for increased sales in the consumer segment so an attractive, differentiated pack, teamed with a special offer helps drive sales and competitive advantage for both retailers and manufacturers at this time of year.

For this occcasion Burton’s Biscuits developed a tailored seasonal variety tub for Asda Stores, a well-known supermarket group in the United Kingdom. The tub offered a new packaging format to their seasonal aisle, creating a point of difference and an attractive product for consumers to buy. The product was filled with Cadbury Mini Bags featuring Mini Animals, Mini Dinosaurs and Mini Fingers – all very popular with UK consumers.  

UniPak tub filled with mini-bags
Following initial discussions with the supermarket chain about a bespoke Christmas product for the retailer, Brand Manager Amy Heap, responsible for Cadbury’s Seasonal biscuits at Burton’s, got in touch with RPC Superfos to find a suitable tub that would create good visibility on shelf for this limited edition seasonal line. Starting the project in early spring, the cooperation resulted in a striking purple 2,3 litres UniPak tub containing a mix of the 15 Mini Bags. Amy Heap says:

“The result was absolutely brilliant - we were able to create a new packaging format for the seasonal biscuits aisle and the quality of the packaging was fantastic allowing for great sales on this line. The tubs clearly stood out on shelf and the injection moulded label gave us great visibility.”

Working on the perfection of purple
The packaging project got off the ground in April and the purple Cadbury Biscuits Variety tub was available in the Asda stores from September through to December – the key Christmas selling period. In spite of a tight time schedule everything went according to plan. Burton’s and RPC Superfos worked very closely together not least to give the tub the distinguished and well-known purple colour as with all of the Cadbury products.

“We were able to attend the factory for the colour proofs which meant we could perfect the colour and tweak right until the last minute. We had the colour mix adjusted a few times to make sure it was perfect - the RPC Superfos team kept the process moving and the colour turned out exactly as we wanted it to be” Amy Heap explains.

The Christmas tub was targeted towards women looking for a nice little gift for their children, family or friends. The mini-bags stay fresh inside the tub which is easy to open and re-close – a great advantage for products generally and for portion control. The artwork design depicts knitwear, snowflakes and Santa Claus - all clearly communicating the delightful moments of Christmas.

“Retailers are definitely aware of the fact that consumers like to shop something special for the season. Our purple tub was attractive and suitable for the family audience,” Amy Heap concludes.

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