UniPak – comes in many shapes and sizes

UniPak – comes in many shapes and sizes

  • Base line
  • Liquid tight
  • Tamper evidence
  • Re-closure
  • Re-use
  • Microwave safe
  • Freezing
  • Safe environmental disposal (PP)
  • Hot filling

You name it, we’ve got it: the range of sizes and shapes of UniPak is probably the most extensive on the European market; it is a classic and very flexible solution for a broad variety of applications.

Whether you’re looking for a square, rectangular, round or oval shape for your packaging you’re likely to find what you’re after in our UniPak range. It keeps your costs down: several pots match each lid diameter so you only need to stock one versatile type of lid for a range of sizes.  With UniPak there is no point in reinventing the wheel: your flexible packaging solution is ready at hand.

Tamper evidence is standard
All UniPak pots come with tamper resistance as a standard feature. It is easily detectable, yet comfortable for the end-user to break. At home, users can enjoy the liquid tight snap-on lid and use the packaging multiple times for household purposes because it is microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe.

In-Mould Labelling brings out the best of your brand
The display surface gives you the option of presenting your brand in a razor sharp, eye-catching way with a family image for a variety of sizes and shapes. Vivid colour combinations, text and photographic images on the lid and on the sides – the possibilities are close to endless with In-Mould Labelling.

Enlarged family with SuperLift®
If your customers want your product in a very broad range of sizes, you may want to consider combining the UniPak series with its sister series SuperLift®. The design of the two is very similar allowing you to apply what may be Europe’s biggest packaging family: from 120 ml to 22 litres.

Key benefits

  • Protective collar
  • Withstands hot filling and blast freezing
  • Available in round, rectangular, oval and square
  • Broad range of standard sizes
  • Liquid tight, snap-on lid
  • Same lid fits several volumes
  • Excellent decoration options with In-Mould Labelling
  • Visible deterrent to tampering
  • Insert option

UniPak dans différentes applications

Shape Round/rectangular/square/oval
Volume range 120 ml - 5.0 litre
Tamper Evidence Yes
Membrane lid Yes
Decoration IML
Protective collar Yes
Handle Plastic (on selected)
Insert 300 ml
Strainer Yes

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