RPC Superfos singled out for social responsibility

RPC Superfos singled out for social responsibility

The municipality of Randers, Denmark, has recently presented a CSR-certificate to RPC Superfos Randers in recognition of its continuous social responsibility effort. An inclusive working environment with flexible jobs for people with reduced ability to work is the key feature.

In late 2018, RPC Superfos Randers received a CSR-certificate from the local municipality, rewarding its effort to include marginalised people in the workplace.

Employing people in flexible jobs is not as common as you might expect. In fact, out of 6,000 registered companies in the Randers area, only 150 fulfil the requirements for obtaining the municipal “Local Supply of Social Responsibility” certificate; now among them is RPC Superfos Randers.

An inclusive workplace
The certificate showcases that RPC Superfos Randers offers meaningful internships, assessment processes, job training and employment opportunities to marginalised citizens and to unemployed people at the fringes of the job market.

When the certificate was presented to RPC Superfos Randers, Company Consultant Michael Kristoffersen from the municipality of Randers gave a speech:

“By awarding the certificate to RPC Superfos, we trust that we create awareness about the effort you make. You are among the companies making a difference to marginalised unemployed people, and you are an example to other companies which want to learn how to take a more socially responsible approach when recruiting. This type of corporate social responsibility is of vital importance both to the individual citizen and to the municipality of Randers, as we need collaborative partners to help them to provide for themselves.”

Setting a responsible example
In total, 185 employees work at RPC Superfos Randers and a handful of them work in flexible jobs, typically in the warehouse or production.

Production Manager Morten V. Nielsen, RPC Superfos Randers, says:

“Obviously, we are proud to receive the certificate but, first of all, we are proud of our colleagues who, through their jobs with us, are now regaining their professional footing and are recovering their self-esteem.”

“In addition, it is rewarding for RPC Superfos Randers to be included in the local CSR case reference bank which the municipality is currently compiling. Serving as an example to other companies in this area is surely satisfying. We are keen to support the local community in which we operate and honoured to receive the CSR-certificate.”

RPC Superfos Randers has received the “Local Supply of Social Responsibility” certificate because the following five criteria are met:

  • On an ongoing basis, the company offers internships, job training, assessment processes and employment opportunities to marginalised citizens.
  • The company has or has had employed at least one employee in a flexible job.
  • The company has an active HR-policy allowing for staff diversity.
  • The company demonstrates orderliness – in respect of salary, working conditions and applicable legislation etc.
  • The company makes an effort regarding prevention and retention.

The municipality of Randers works to promote an inclusive job market in Randers with support from the European Social Fund and the administrative unit ‘Central Denmark Region’. The purpose is to help more people with particular needs to find a flexible job, for instance candidates having faced long term unemployment or long sick leave.

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