Innovation Center speeds up time to market

Innovation Center speeds up time to market

An advanced technical playground for RPC Superfos customers has seen the light of day: RPC Superfos Innovation Center. It is a space for creating your own innovative packaging with us.

Creativity and feasibility go hand in hand in the new RPC Superfos Innovation Center in Randers, Denmark. In spring 2015, we have opened this space for working with the development of state-of-the-art customised packaging solutions. The physical premises and advanced technical equipment facilitate idea generation and make it possible to give them a try-out with a prototype, almost on the spot.

Reach your market with speed
Benny Nielsen, Executive VP & Technology Director of RPC Superfos, is not reluctant to refer to the RPC Superfos Innovation Center as an important milestone. He says:

“This type of facility paves the way for reducing time to market, because we have the finest facilities and can manufacture a dedicated sample production without a time slot. We are already busily using the Innovation Center and meet with customers to develop great packaging ideas together. Here, our customers can get very close to the creation of their own unique pack,” Benny Nielsen explains.

Agility is present
The RPC Superfos Innovation Center will smooth the progress of bespoke packaging solutions. Customers get the opportunity to take a look at the pack and can discuss fine-tuning if needed. Volume, shape and quantity can flexibly be changed thanks to our robots and machines. We apply a multi-bolster system, which means that we can provide you with a number of inserts without reproducing the bolster. Cost effective prototype tooling is an option within only a few days. These allow you to quickly produce several hundreds or even a thousand test packs so that you can carry out market surveys and make possible adjustments to the pack if necessary. This way the testing of ideas becomes much more efficient and reliable, leading to a better introduction on the market for your product in a new packaging.  
RPC Superfos Innovation Center also offers access to a test machine in respect of in-mould labelling and barrier labelling.

Looking ahead
”The Innovation Center gives us excellent opportunities, including training of our own staff and, in some cases, also the customers. It will support our R&D efforts, not least in respect of sustainable products, and the development of special techniques and robots,” Benny Nielsen says.

The RPC Superfos Innovation Center is available for all RPC Superfos customers. Please get in touch with your usual contact person at RPC Superfos if you would like to book a session at the Innovation Center.

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Custom Custom containers promote uniqueness

Custom containers promote uniqueness

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