How to stay fresh for longer

How to stay fresh for longer

Convenience products become more and more popular and consumers want them to stay fresh for longer. Our innovative injection moulded plastic packaging increases shelf life.

Oxygen transmission is one of the big challenges to long shelf life. With Superfos you can be sure to find a packaging solution that keeps oxygen transmission rates as low as possible. This will prolong the length of time your food product can be kept fresh.

We constantly work on developing new ways to ensure that your product stays fresh for longer through measures like barrier protection, highly efficient sealing and autoclaving at the filling line.

Tests in the Superfos Research and Development laboratory show that the right kind of packaging from Superfos gives convenience products a shelf life for up to 24 months. This is twice as long or even more than in reference packaging.

Enjoy all the other benefits of plastic packaging combined with a long shelf life for your products.

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Custom Custom containers promote uniqueness

Custom containers promote uniqueness

If you’re looking for packaging to add uniqueness to your brand, you’ve come to the right place.

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