Visit us at Scanpack 2015

Visit us at Scanpack 2015

Get new ideas for your next packaging solution by visiting RPC Superfos and RPC Promens Consumer at Scanpack 2015. We cordially invite you to explore our broad selection of trade fair highlights, ranging from trays for salads to plastic containers for paint.

An exciting packaging event in Northern Europe is coming up: Scanpack 2015 takes place in Gothenburg, Sweden, from 20 to 23 October. It would be our great pleasure to meet you at our stand D02:22 which will be jointly manned by RPC Superfos and RPC Promens Consumer - a first time ever since the integration of the Promens businesses into the RPC Group. By bringing together the skills and expertise of the two divisions, we can offer solutions for any of your packaging needs.

Barrier against oxygen ingress
For food producers, oxygen barrier protection is of the essence, and Per Sollenby, Sales Director, Food, Region Nordic, RPC Superfos, points out a number of our packs that will keep your food product fresh longer:

“The multi award-winning SuperLock® pot with outstanding barrier properties gives convenience food a shelf life of up to 24 or 36 months and targets the consumer segment; for the food service industry, I recommend SuperLift® or SuperFlex® that both come in big sizes and have low oxygen transmission rates.”

Your pack is the first appetizer
One of the important purposes of packaging is to ensure sales, so the visual appeal is key. If you are searching for a particular design made for your product only, RPC Superfos will happily discuss the options at Scanpack.

“Developing customised solutions in close cooperation with our customers is one of our core areas of expertise. The right pack can make the product stand out and stimulate the purchase decision. In this way, the packaging plays a decisive role and is in fact the first appetizer of the product itself,” says Per Sollenby.

Sleek sleeves and trendy trays
Roland Lingman, Director, Sales & Marketing, Region Nordic, RPC Superfos looks forward to meeting existing and prospective customers at Scanpack:

“Our broad range of packaging solutions is bound to impress. We are thrilled to showcase our new clear salad trays and also shrink sleeve cups for dairy products. The sleeves come in a wide variety of colours, transparencies and finishes, resulting in a premium on-shelf impact.”

Combining cardboard with plastic
Other packs on display are the unique product lines CombiPac® and CombiRound®, both lightweight solutions combining plastic with cardboard. Roland Lingman explains:

“CombiPac® is a rectangular pack ideal for yellow fats such as spreadables, butter and margarine while the award-winning CombiRound® is a versatile cup suitable for all kinds of foods such as yogurt, dessert, snacks and sweets. Further CombiRound® is a convenient solution for the growing to-go-market. It can be designed with user-friendly ad-on concepts such as a spoon or fork in the lid or even campaign materials without compromising on food safety.”  

As an extra option the packs can be produced 100% peelable making easy waste separation possible.  

EasySnacking™ for meals to-go
Also for food on the go, the Scanstar winner EasySnacking™ is a handy, elegant and innovative solution, perfect for dairy products, ice cream, snacks or desserts. Your product can be enjoyed straight from the shelf as the spoon is in the lid - importantly the spoon is in one piece, has a soft shape and is easy to get hold of. The EasySnacking™ solution is available in two sizes (210 ml and 300 ml) with two types of lid: one including the spoon, and a higher one which besides the spoon also has room for 80 ml crunchy topping.

Persuasive paint packs
An increasing number of paint producers opt for plastic when looking for a new packaging solution. Plastic for paint does not only mean product differentiation; it also means low weight, easy opening and re-closure. Further, the FlakeFree® feature is an add-on for the container and the lid putting an end to flakes in the paint. Why not take Scanpack 2015 as your opportunity to learn more about the RPC Superfos paint packs in all shapes and sizes, for example: Paintainer®, HalfMoon™, SuperCube®, SuperLift® and SuperFlex®.

New facilities
Concerning our packaging production, the trade fair team will be eager to tell you about our new facility in Stilling, Denmark, as well as Lidköping (previously Promens) and the newly built and enlarged facility in Mullsjö, both Sweden. All facilities ensure the best production processes, automation and technical equipment so that our customers keep getting the best packaging solutions.

Hope to see you in Gothenburg!

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