Sustainable solutions: top-quality PCR pails from RPC Superfos

Sustainable solutions: top-quality PCR pails from RPC Superfos

Using PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) plastic materials provides many benefits when it comes to CO2 reduction and sustainability. RPC Superfos is fully committed to this and has worked with recycled materials for more than 10 years; always with an innovative mindset and in close cooperation with each customer. Today, RPC Superfos offers a diverse range of pails made from PP (polypropylene) PCR material. These packaging solutions, in a variety of shapes and sizes, support the circular economy.

PCR material is a valuable resource and, if treated correctly, it can be transformed into attractive versatile plastic packaging. RPC Superfos is pleased to introduce a series of pails in many shapes and sizes made from this recycled material including popular containers such as Paintainer®, SuperCube®, SuperLift®, and SuperFlex®.

High level of PCR and a responsible approach
With a new formula, the level of PCR used in these pails is very high while, at the same time, they are delivering on strong mechanical characteristics. The actual PCR level that can be used for a particular order very much depends on the applications. These vary considerably and so, they are an extremely important factor when RPC Superfos assesses the ideal PCR level in close collaboration with customers.

Stéphane Navoret, Regional Technical Director at RPC Superfos, says:

“We have come a long way since we started to use recycled material in our solutions. Our vast experience with using recycled material for the non-food market makes us a very competent advisor to our customers. Using PCR without monitoring the mechanical characteristics can affect the performance of the packaging. RPC Superfos has developed a new formula which, in specific cases, allows us to use a very high level of PCR. However, we thoroughly take the performance and the quality of the packaging as well as all supply chain requirements into consideration. Importantly, we do not overpromise; that is one of our avowed tasks as advisor and business partner.”

Recognition for innovation and solid experience
Many years of experience in working with recycled materials, coupled with the innovation level of RPC Superfos, has resulted in recognition: a plastic paint container from RPC Superfos incorporating Post-Consumer Recycled plastic was short-listed for the 2015 Sustainable Innovation Award from the British Coating Federation.

Janni Langkjær Pedersen, Sustainability Communication Manager at RPC Superfos, says:

“Thinking sustainably is nothing new to RPC Superfos. Using recycled material is one of our ways of doing so. We are happy to see the clear commercial development in the market these days moving towards increased sustainability. In parallel, we see new legislation at the European level concerning plastic in our society which we also take into consideration. So, RPC Superfos is pleased to offer a range of top-quality PCR pails, which are perfect for paint, varnishes, building materials, garden products, etc. Plastic is, among other things, durable, lightweight, sturdy and it makes a significant contribution to a reduced carbon footprint.”

Collecting and using Post-Consumer PP
Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) material is a valuable resource and, currently, RPC Superfos is expanding its collaboration with providers of PCR resin material. In addition, RPC Superfos is working on customer projects along with RPC PLASgran, a leading UK plastic waste recycler and part of the RPC Group, to develop a suitable infrastructure for improving the capture of Post-Consumer PP (polypropylene).

This venture also involves the development of ways to safely use these recycled materials in new food packaging. For food grade PP, PCR of very high quality needs to be assured and the source must be traceable. Although this is a challenging task for the industry, RPC Superfos has many streams of work to overcome it, using its expertise in developing new sustainable packaging solutions.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with your usual RPC Superfos contact if you would like to receive more information or specific advice on what type of Post-Consumer PP packaging would be suitable for your product.

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