Sustainable food grade packs with recycled content

Sustainable food grade packs with recycled content

The circular economy takes shape and is in your hands too. Food producers can now enjoy top-quality, food approved plastic packaging from Superfos made with recycled material. Several of our facilities hold an ISCC PLUS Certification to document the use of circular materials.

If you, as a food producer, want to contribute to the circular economy, you will be pleased to know that you can now do so in collaboration with Superfos, a Berry Global company. We offer you approved packaging solutions in polypropylene for food products made with ISCC certified recycled content based on a mass balance approach.

ISCC PLUS Certification for your peace of mind
The independent third-party certification ISCC – International Sustainability and Carbon Certification - gives you peace of mind as to the actual use of circular polymers. In addition, rest assured that there is no compromise on the packaging quality. The Superfos facility in Oakham UK is among the first of our facilities to obtain the ISCC PLUS Certification; more will follow.

Judit Guerra-Falcon, Product Engineer at Superfos, heads the team behind the newest sustainable development project for food products. She is delighted to present this exciting packaging choice made with recycled material thanks to Advanced Recycling:

“Opting for packaging solutions with recycled content helps to reduce the amount of plastic ending up in landfill. Plastic is such a versatile and advantageous material so, instead of avoiding it, we must apply a sustainable approach and head for ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’. That is exactly what we demonstrate here, and I’m pleased to emphasise that this is a readily available solution. At Superfos, we are already successfully working on specific projects with customers.”

Advanced Recycling is circular
Advanced Recycling is a tangible example of the circular economy. The most common form of advanced recycling currently is pyrolysis. Pyrolysis heats plastic in the absence of oxygen, causing it to break down into chemical feedstocks that can be used to produce virgin-quality, recycled polypropylene and polyethylene. These are then included in the production of new plastic packaging product solutions. Another plus is the fact that packs made with advanced recycled material are also themselves recyclable. The circle is completed.

Recycled material strengthens your sustainability profile
Recycled plastic is a valuable resource in the circular economy – and potentially, it will boost your sustainability profile. When you choose this option for your packaging, you contribute to a reduction of fossil fuel otherwise needed for producing virgin plastic.

If you want further information about our food grade PP packaging solutions with recycled material, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your usual sales contact. We are only too pleased to assist you with guidance and advice for your next sustainable packaging project.

  • ISCC PLUS Certification

    Food producers can enjoy top-quality, food approved plast...

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