RPC Superfos for Heinz: Best Label Design Winner

RPC Superfos for Heinz: Best Label Design Winner

Via the label supplier Korsini, RPC Superfos has received an award for Best Label Design at the 2019 IMDA Awards Competition in the United States. The winner label is made for Heinz soup pots and showcases the cutting-edge In-Mould Labelling technique from RPC Superfos.

RPC Superfos has the honour of receiving the prestigious Best Label Design prize 2019 during the IMDA Awards Competition in June. IMDA is the In-Mould Decorating Association in the United States. The winning label is made on behalf of Heinz for their Cream of Tomato Pot Soup and Vegetable Pot Soup sold in a 400 ml SuperLock® pot. Until now, these soup varieties in this size have been sold in metal cans.

An honourable award
Zbigniew Hryniewicz, Sales Director CEE of RPC Superfos, says:

“RPC Superfos is honoured to receive this year’s IMDA Best Label Design Prize. The artwork was developed in close collaboration with Heinz and we are pleased to see how great the creative and vivid design looks on the soup pot. The flawless quality is also owing to our label provider Korsini SAF, nominating us for the award. We proudly share the honour.”

Korsini SAF, the label supplier, is headquartered in Turkey, while the packaging is produced at RPC Superfos Mullsjö, Sweden.

Autoclave resistant In-Mould Labelling
Hygiene and freshness are key, as the SuperLock® pot from RPC Superfos − in combination with Korsini-SAF's autoclave resistant oxygen barrier labels − allows for post filling sterilization up to 120° C for 80 minutes. Pot and the lid are injection moulded and the pot comes with In-Mould Labelling and oxygen barrier protection. The lid is decorated with a standard IML, and the pots are sealed with aluminium foil for a long shelf life even under ambient temperatures.

User-friendly and fully recyclable plastic
The SuperLock® pot has very user-friendly twist-off screw-on lid. Another advantage is that pot is suitable for microwave, so that a yummy meal can be effortlessly heated within minutes. Pot and lid are 100% recyclable which is clearly indicated by an on-pack recycling label.

The Best Label Design Award recognises the technical capabilities & properties of the IML-solutions used by RPC Superfos in collaboration with Korsini SAF. The IMDA Awards, which is a yearly competition in the United States, now run for the 13th time.

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