PPG France gives credit to RPC Superfos for OTIF

PPG France gives credit to RPC Superfos for OTIF

Outstanding supply chain performance is important to PPG Architectural Coatings France, leading supplier of paints, coatings and more. Now, their French Procurement Team has named RPC Superfos La Genête, France, Best Supplier of the Year.

What is the mark of your best supplier? When you ask PPG France, part of the US-based global supplier of paints and coatings, PPG Industries Inc., the prompt answer is the capability to deliver On-Time-In-Full (OTIF).

Deserves to get credit
Because RPC Superfos La Genête in France has lived up to and even surpassed the expectations of PPG Architectural Coatings France, the regional Sales and Service Team has now been honoured with the title Best Packaging Supplier of the Year 2016 in terms of service level.

Eric Barbe, Procurement Manager of PPG France says:

“We get what we want at the time we want it. This may sound simple, but in fact OTIF is an achievement that demands continuous effort and attention from a supplier, and for PPG this is not optional. It deserves to get credit. Stable delivery, great customer service and innovative packaging solutions are crucial to our business and RPC Superfos La Genête operates smoothly in every aspect. That is why they are now Best Supplier of the Year.”

Keep suppliers on track
On an ongoing basis, PPG France Procurement evaluates all suppliers on several levels including the quality of the products, the quality of the customer service and the business relations. There is an obvious interest in maximising supply chain performance and keeping suppliers on track.

“With pleasure, we conclude that the Supply Chain Team of RPC Superfos LA Genête performs really well. We highly appreciate our fine working relationship, the frequent visits, their innovative edge and the way the sales team pays attention to our needs. It all contributes to our success,” Eric Barbe explains.

PPG is a global supplier of paints, coatings and related material to various industries, including automotive and aerospace. On a worldwide basis, PPG has about 47,000 employees.

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