New pot contains a minimum amount of plastic

New pot contains a minimum amount of plastic

Berry Superfos is thrilled to launch a new sophisticated packaging solution: the CombiLight™ pot. It is a resource efficient combination of plastic and natural fibres, cutting the plastic content by 60% compared to other similar solutions. The pioneering lightweight pot is ideal for a range of food products.

More and more food producers pay attention to packaging weight and look for solutions which are lightweight, strong and responsible. If you are one of them, you will be pleased to learn about the CombiLight™ pot, a new pot adding to the Berry Superfos range of attractive and responsible packaging options.

Packaging weight is cut to the bone
The CombiLight™ is developed, designed and manufactured by Berry Superfos. It is made using less fossil material as it sophisticatedly combines a plastic structure with coated natural fibres.

Søren Marcussen Regional Director, Region Nordic, of Berry Superfos explains:

“The outstanding feature of this pioneering packaging solution is actually invisible. A fine plastic structure supports a coated fibre pot. We have been able to reduce the plastic content by 60% compared to other similar solutions. Still, CombiLight™ is strong, stable and compatible with existing filling lines.”

Great for food products
In addition, the CombiLight™ pot is grease resistant and particularly suitable for dairy such as yogurt, cream cheese and cottage cheese. It is also ideal for other food products which do not require hot filling: spreads, cookies and confectionery, for instance.

Several sizes available
The lightweight packaging solution is membrane sealed and comes with several lid options. The currently available sizes are 210 ml, 245 ml, 460 ml and 560 ml − additional ones are underway.

Let us help you make the right choice
Check out the product flyer for more details and please do get in touch with your usual contact at Berry Superfos if you would like to receive more information or specific advice about the CombiLight™ pot.

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