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  • Why use RPC Superfos containers for non-food?

    Plastic packaging solutions from RPC Superfos are a perfect match for your non-food products. Please do watch our new short video to see why.

  • Visit RPC Superfos US at RFA 2018, California

    You are warmly invited to meet RPC Superfos US, Inc. at the beginning of March when the Refrigerated Foods Association hosts a trade fair in California. Visit booth 19 and let us help you find the right injection moulded packaging solution for your cold food product.

  • Certified RPC Superfos Randers uses less energy

    Installing new injection moulding machines and re-using heat from cooling are among the successful initiatives for spending less energy at our Randers facility in Denmark. The dedicated energy management means that RPC Superfos Randers is once again ISO 50001:2011 certified.

  • Packaging Innovations 2018

    Meet RPC Superfos at the trade fair Packaging Innovations 2018 in Birmingham. Catch up on packaging news from convenient on-the-go food solutions to bespoke containers to brilliant plastic paint cans.

  • Take a look at our core competences

    Approved virgin material, certified top quality, pristine hygiene and high safety are among your benefits when choosing RPC Superfos as your plastic packaging provider. Watch a one-minute long video to take a closer look.

  • RPC Superfos Blackburn retains BRC Grade AA

    Top quality and top hygiene are always on the agenda at RPC Superfos. Recently, a BRC Global Standard Certificate was re-issued in favour of RPC Superfos Blackburn with an inspirational Grade AA. Further, the facility retains its ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

  • RPC Superfos Mullsjö has three fresh certificates

    Comparable standards about quality, hygiene, environment and energy are helpful to you when you make decisions about your plastic packaging supply. Now, our facility in Mullsjö, Sweden, boasts three freshly issued certificates: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and BRC High Hygiene Category.

  • Expanded logistics and warehousing at La Genête

    RPC Superfos La Genête experiences continued growth and has now entered a collaboration with Alizé Logistic, an external partner in logistics and warehousing.

  • United States: RPC Superfos is now BRC certified

    Only two years after its inauguration, the RPC Superfos US facility has successfully passed its first BRC certification audit with Grade A in the High Hygiene Category.

  • Dear Customer,

    With much appreciation for your loyalty, continued support and the trust you place in our company, we are sending you our warmest wishes for the festive season. May it bring you joy, peace and fulfilment.

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