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  • How RPC Superfos contributes to the circular economy

    RPC Group has created a unique grading tool as an easy visual guide to indicate recyclability and other circular economy benefits of packaging designs. The implementation of the tool throughout RPC Superfos is just one example of how we contribute to the development of the circular economy.

  • RPC Superfos for Heinz: Best Label Design Winner

    Via the label supplier Korsini, RPC Superfos has received an award for Best Label Design at the 2019 IMDA Awards Competition in the United States. The winner label is made for Heinz soup pots and showcases the cutting-edge In-Mould Labelling technique from RPC Superfos.

  • Ready for a quiz about plastic and sustainability?

    If you would like to test your knowledge about plastic and sustainability, you have come to the right place. We have prepared a short and engaging quiz for you. Challenge yourself and see if you can get a high score, maybe even 5 out of 5 correct answers. Ready?

  • Successful Open-Door Day at RPC Superfos La Genête

    As part of the annual Industry Week in France, RPC Superfos opened its doors for a day to the public. Around 400 visitors seized the opportunity to get an inside view of the modern facility.

  • RPC Superfos provides politicians with facts about plastic

    When three Danish parliamentary candidates recently visited RPC Superfos in Stilling, they agreed that more facts are vital for an informed plastic debate.

  • New 3D Design Studio is ready for you now

    Picture this: you now have access to a new interactive online universe where you can create and share your editable RPC Superfos packaging design with your team and colleagues. It will shave weeks of your packaging development process. Plus, it is easy and efficient to use.

  • RPC Superfos Randers achieves 1 year without reportable accidents

    The RPC Superfos Randers facility in Denmark has reached a milestone with one full year of continuous production without any reportable incidents. The achievement showcases our commitment to safety and punctual deliveries.

  • RPC Group gets Silver Recognition in CSR Rating 2019

    Recently, RPC Group has been granted a Silver Recognition Level in the 2019 CSR Rating from the initiative Together for Sustainability (TfS). Behind TfS are several major international chemical companies who are endorsing sustainable supply chains.

  • Let’s meet and talk about sustainability at Cfia Rennes 2019

    Do you want to know more about how packaging can reduce food waste? Or are you looking for ways to cut CO2 emissions? Then please visit our stand Hall 10 G45 at the Cfia trade fair 2019; this is the major event for the food processing sector in Europe. We look forward to sharing information with you about these topics.

  • Sustainable solutions: top-quality PCR pails from RPC Superfos

    Using PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) plastic materials provides many benefits when it comes to CO2 reduction and sustainability. RPC Superfos is fully committed to this and has worked with recycled materials for more than 10 years; always with an innovative mindset and in close cooperation with each customer. Today, RPC Superfos offers a diverse range of pails made from PP (polypropylene) PCR material. These packaging solutions, in a variety of shapes and sizes, support the circular economy.

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