“Yes, we’re extremely happy with the UniPak tubs”

“Yes, we’re extremely happy with the UniPak tubs”

Durable quality and uniqueness make the UniPak tub an ideal choice for Borgat pop-up lollipops from Al Wefag, headquartered in Saudi Arabia.

The right type of packaging is a powerful form of marketing. Al Wefag Trading & Manufacturing Company, Saudi Arabia, cleverly invests in outstanding branding solutions for excellent on-shelf impact and consumer appeal.

Outstanding on-shelf impact
One of the most recent packaging – and display – solutions is developed and produced by Superfos, a Berry Global company. It is original, as special holes in the lid allow the display of up to 10 lollipops.

“Great snacking moments already begin at the moment of purchase,” says Mohammed Yousuf Makba, Supply Chain Planning Manager at Al Wefag, and continues:

“Al Wefag has previously sold the Borgat lollipops in tubs with holes in the lid for 3D display, however, the prior solution was easily damageable and required a labour-intensive additional cardboard insert for branding. Now, the UniPak tub with the special lid full of holes provides unique on-shelf impact with In-Mould labelling, plus flawless functionality. We can skip the cardboard insert and the lollipops look outstanding on shelf – in every sense of the word.” 

Quality and uniqueness are essential for success
Today, virtually all Saudi consumers know products from Al Wefag, widely recognised as the top producer and distributor of quality sweet and savoury snacking products. The company is thriving and has come a long way since the first modest sales and distribution set-up in the late 1970s.

“To support our sales, packaging must have quality and uniqueness. Other factors including logistics, size, weight etc., also play an important role. We appreciate the durability of the UniPak tub and lid; the pack gives the lollipops a premium look, including the flexibility to display the lollipops on-shelf in 3D. So, yes, we’re extremely happy with the UniPak tubs from Superfos.”

Superfos is always there for us
Thanks to the clear IML guidelines from Superfos, the Al Wefag in-house graphic designer could effortlessly work on the designs and the Superfos team was always available in case technical support was needed.

Summing up, Mohammed Yousuf Makba from Al Wefag is very positive when describing the collaboration with Superfos:
“Superfos is our core packaging partner and we always get the latest updates from the industry. Whether it’s technical advice, an insight on trends or other big ideas, Superfos is always there for us.”

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