UniPak part of successful seasonal promotion

UniPak part of successful seasonal promotion

A promotional pack from RPC Superfos was part of a marketing campaign, successfully run around Valentine’s Day by the pioneering dessert producer Michel & Augustin, France. The promotion included a chance for customers to have a chocolate mousse-making event at their home.

The American tradition to celebrate love on the 14 February has gained a foothold in France. So, for Valentine’s Day, the slightly unconventional dessert and cookie company Michel & Augustin launched a delicious chocolate mousse in a promotional UniPak pot from RPC Superfos. The mousse comes in a milk chocolate or dark chocolate version, made from the best ingredients and without any additives.

A clear message: make love, not mousse
In line with the brand image of Michel & Augustin, the chocolate mousse packaging conveyed a light-hearted tone-of-voice. Funny play on words, plenty of visual details, shiny and handwritten elements all formed an attractive look. One of the tag lines of the campaign, displayed on the UniPak pot, was ‘Faites l’amour, pas la mousse’ (Make love, not mousse).

Dorothée de Cabissole, Marketing Director at Michel & Augustin, says:

“The visual appearance of our packaging solution is important and we are very pleased with the final result. Especially, we value a new technique from RPC Superfos which makes the colours come through even better than before.”

The pot size calls for togetherness
She explains that it was only natural for Michel & Augustin to run a promotion for Valentine’s Day, as their regular packaging concept is already about sharing – a notion linked to love, affection and togetherness.

The traditional packaging solution for chocolate mousse and other ready-to-eat desserts is a single-serve small pot format in France. So, by opting for a large 500ml pot with a handle, Michel & Augustin clearly stands out. It pays off: a recent marketing survey shows that 35 percent of French consumers actually recognise the brand Michel & Augustin based on the pot alone.

Michel & Augustin makes chocolate mousse
The leading element of the Valentine’s campaign was a draw for a special home visit, following the idea that you should not be alone on 14 February. So, people in several selected cities could sign up for the chance to win a chocolate mousse preparation event in their own private kitchen. Employees from Michel & Augustin came to 40 lucky winners and prepared chocolate mousse for a group of people at their private homes – which turned out to be a huge success.

“We did not promise anyone that they would win the lottery of love with Michel & Augustin, however, we promised and actually created an unforgettable Valentine’s Day for many people,” Dorothée de Cabissole says.

Quality from the heart
All employees at Michel & Augustin are trained confectioners (or in training) regardless of their field of work or responsibilities. This ensures quality awareness and that the products are always excellent and come from the heart, not least on Valentine’s Day.

Since 2012, Michel & Augustin has been collaborating with RPC Superfos; a very agreeable type of togetherness, according to Dorothée de Cabissole:

“Our packaging solution is a fundamental part of our brand image and marketing mix. Working with RPC Superfos is a positive experience. Our business relationship keeps developing and is getting better and better, year after year.”

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