Tamper evidence is a big plus for artisan gelato

Tamper evidence is a big plus for artisan gelato

Artisan gelato made by Palazzolo’s in Michigan now comes in UniPak pots from RPC Superfos. The tamper evidence, the spoon-in-lid solution and the high-quality graphics all make the new packaging solution a clear success, says the owner of the artisan dairy.

Since Pete Palazzolo was a teenager, he has had a passion for artisan gelato – a European-style ice cream with no air whipped into it. Now, thirty years later, this passion has resulted in his own successful company: Palazzolo’s Artisan Dairy based in the state of Michigan, US. Today, there are more than 1,000 mouth-watering flavours on the product list, including creative varieties such as vegan frozen yogurt from almond milk, fresh watermelon slushie and banana split sundae.

Tamper evidence saves time and safeguards quality
All products from Palazzolo’s are made from fresh, uncompromised ingredients therefore the packaging solution has to match this quality level. Not long ago, when Pete Palazzolo was looking for a new type of packaging, he was extremely pleased to come across the UniPak range from RPC Superfos US. It caught his attention, not least because of one specific standard feature:

“The tamper evidence of the UniPak pots is very attractive. Besides assuring the end-user of an untouched product, the feature optimises our manufacturing process and, at the same time, it safeguards the quality of the Palazzolo products. This is because tamper evidence eliminates the need for burning a foil seal on the plastic rim, so our gelato avoids a heat shock – it stays delicious and we save time.”

Spoon-in lid for eating on-the-go
Pete Palazzolo also considers a smaller diameter, the Ø 69mm UniPak range, with a spoon attached to the lid. This makes it ideal for selling gelato, sorbets and more, particularly from food trucks in front of football stadiums, concert halls and other events. These are the type of venue where people buy a treat for immediate savouring or eating on-the-go.

Beautiful artwork for beautiful gelato
Bright colours and intense flavours characterise the ice cream products from Palazzolo’s and the UniPak packaging solution reflects these properties. The pots are embellished with advanced scratch-resistant in-mould labelling entailing immaculate graphics, vivid colours and clear details.

“The artwork looks beautiful and the quality of the print job is better than what you normally see. In addition, the feel of the UniPak container, in any size we use, gets a lot of positive remarks these days,” Pete Palazzolo contentedly states.

Packaging provider – or packaging partner?
With regard to working with RPC Superfos US, the artisan gelato dairy appreciates that their new packaging provider is so easy to communicate with. Pete Palazzolo explains:

“We experience RPC Superfos as being much more than just a packaging provider – they are more like a partner who really wants to see our business growing and succeeding. Our connection is far from a one-time sales contact; it is much more like the beginning of a long-term business relationship.”

Every batch of Palazzolo’s artisan gelato is made to order at the 50,000-sq ft dairy in Michigan. All products are free from corn syrup and unhealthy, greasy additives. The typical outlets are gastronomic restaurants and boutique-style retailers.

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