Sweet success for sour cream

Sweet success for sour cream

Moving on to a new packaging for light sour cream has benefits all through the value chain, says Norwegian Q-Meieriene who chose the SuperLock container to support its growth strategy.

A re-launch of an existing product in a new packaging adding extra value can lead to a bigger market share. This is the reason why Norwegian food producer Q-Meieriene looked for a refreshment of their light sour cream packaging and ended up choosing the SuperLock container.

“We have been met with a very positive attitude to the new packaging, both from distributors and end users in Norway,” says Project Manager Annette Waage Jung, Q-Meieriene. She emphasises the screw lid which offers perfect re-closure and a better stability of the container:

“The lid is easily clicked on at the filling line and end users find it very easy to take it off and put it back on the pot. It stays in place and adds to the stability of the packaging.  The pot we used before was thinner and more unstable.”

Strong container looking good
Q-Meieriene wanted to avoid the risk of having a pot of light sour cream break, as it would occasionally happen before when goods were put on shelf in supermarkets or when end users pack and unpack their goods. The SuperLock packaging solution is liquid tight, resistant and strong and reduces this risk.

Green for sour cream
In Norway, the traditional colour for sour cream is green, which Q-Meieriene also sticks to for the new packaging.

“Even though we have kept the green colour, our product looks different from the rest - simply much better thanks to a razor sharp print,” says Annette Waage Jung.

This great appearance on-shelf is guaranteed with the SuperLock packaging, as In-Mould Labelling provides for unique branding opportunities.

Smooth cooperation
An efficient cooperation between Q-Meieriene, their supplier of equipment for the filling line and RPC Superfos made it possible to implement the new packaging solution without any problems at all. From day one, everything worked perfectly.

During all phases of the project, Q-Meieriene has appreciated working with RPC Superfos.

“We have been very satisfied with the cooperation with RPC Superfos. The results are as we want them to be, the communication with the packaging team has been flawless and all deadlines have been kept,” Annette Waage Jung states.

The SuperLock packaging solution has received several awards; most recently a Scanstar Award 2011 in a pan-Nordic packaging competition.

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