RPC Superfos bucket contributes to oil recycling

RPC Superfos bucket contributes to oil recycling

The square SuperCube® bucket from RPC Superfos is now instrumental in the recycling of cooking oil by French householders. The new concept stems from the initiative La Baraque à Huile and includes an oil shed drop-off.

Even though it may not yet be common knowledge, recycling used cooking oil makes absolute sense. Edible oil converts into biodiesel and similar types of fuel which can be used for cars and domestic heating. So, instead of pouring oil from deep-fry cooking down the drain with the risk of clogging, more and more people are encouraged to collect their used oil at home and bring it to a local drop-off facility.

Finding an easy way for private households
Of course, the modus operandi must be hassle-free; otherwise only the few feel encouraged to act in a sustainable way. Against this backdrop, a new concept in France has seen the light of day: ’La Baraque à Huile’ is an initiative co-created by three parties in the Rhône-Alpes region including 1r design, a company that conceptualises and promotes environmentally friendly products and services.

Sylvain Denat, founder and CEO of 1r design, explains that an estimated 5% of used cooking oil from households in France is currently being re-used. He says:  

“La Baraque à Huile has started with a few drop-off points, but it is our vision to increase the share of re-used cooking oil in France from 5% to 20%. We have two main goals: first, we want to increase awareness of the fact that edible oil can be recycled and should be responsibly disposed of. Secondly, we want to make it easy for private individuals to bring in their used cooking oil for recycling.”

The right bucket for the job
This is where the SuperCube® bucket from RPC Superfos comes in. At home, it is easy to pour used cooking oil into the square bucket, which comes with a user-friendly lid and handle. Once the bucket is full, transporting it is effortless - it is stable, stays in place in the car and the liquid-tight lid eliminates spills. The big lid allows for user instructions to be clearly displayed, allowing La Baraque à Huile to communicate effectively with their users.

At the local recycling station, there is an oil shed drop-off ‒ La Baraque à Huile ‒ where the filled buckets are placed. The environmentally friendly individual can then continue recycling by taking a clean empty pail back home. Naturally, using the bucket is free.

Square shape is an advantage
Sylvain Denat highlights some of the advantages of the SuperCube® bucket which are also important for processing the used oil: 

“Used cooking oil has a well-defined market value and contributes to a responsible use of resources. We need to optimise the logistics in this connection. The square shape of the bucket makes it easy to transport and stack and the convenient diagonal handle makes it easy to empty it.”   

Flawless cooperation
It is still early days, and so far, Sylvain Denat has only had the chance to meet a few people using the SuperCube® bucket at the oil shed drop-off. However, he says that, without exception, all have been enthusiastic about the bucket and the idea of easily recycling cooking oil. In addition, he is pleased with the cooperation with the bucket supplier:

“RPC Superfos has facilitated idea development for our solution and rendered very good service. We enjoy our mutual understanding and have experienced a flawless collaboration with RPC Superfos.”

According to French regulations, professional kitchens are legally bound to collect used cooking oil and bring it in for recycling. Now, thanks to La Baraque à Huile and the SuperCube® bucket, private households in France have an easy option to follow suit.

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