New packaging design is a lift for spreadable cheese

New packaging design is a lift for spreadable cheese

A customised thin wall packaging is a leap forward for a popular spreadable cheese from Norwegian food producer Kavli. Now, the packaging has a modern look, high functionality and provides for long shelf life.

Today, it is sleek and stable. Before, it was average and unsteady. The change in packaging has given the spreadable cheese a design lift which better reflects the level of innovation of Kavli, one of Norway’s largest and most international food manufacturing companies. Cheese spread is an important product for Kavli, whose founder actually invented it almost hundred years ago.

For the new packaging, Kavli turned to RPC Superfos with clear requirements: oxygen barrier protection should allow for at least 9 month shelf life and costs should be reasonable. The communication to the end consumer through the decoration of the packaging should be on a high level, too. Kavli’s R&D Director Arne Bernt Dahle says:

“The packaging must look attractive on shelf so that the consumers feel invited to pick our spreadable cheese. The first sales reports from Norway seem to indicate that we have hit the spot.”

A new solution for two markets
In close cooperation with RPC Superfos, Kavli selected a mono-material thin wall packaging in an oval form. The design of the lid and the body of the packaging is Kavli’s own. Arne Bernt Dahle is pleased with the creative and flexible graphic design options thanks to the In-Mould-Labelling method.

“The graphic expression has improved considerably and gives our product a better display in the supermarkets. Also, it is a significant logistical benefit that we can use the same lid for all sizes. You may expect Norway and Sweden to be quite similar when it comes to food culture, yet the countries have their own preferences: The Swedish market demands spreadable cheese also in larger amounts, 400gr and 500gr, while packaging with 200gr works best in Norway. With one lid for all sizes it becomes easy for us to respond to different food cultures,” he explains.

Flawless project management
According to R&D Director Arne Bernt Dahle the cooperation with RPC Superfos has been satisfactory: 

“We have had one contact person who has followed us all the way during the past three years of the project. It is a great advantage that one person knows the entire plan and keeps us informed about the time frame and any changes in the process. Once, the bottom of a prototype was not totally as expected. RPC Superfos quickly responded by making the necessary amendments and we could proceed. RPC Superfos did all they could to reach the target with us, like expected from a major player in the field of packaging.”

So far the market has responded positively to the new packaging and the sales of pots with spreadable cheese have increased.

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