New bespoke tub lifts the consumer’s experience

New bespoke tub lifts the consumer’s experience

Germany’s largest dairy company Müller Group has selected RPC Superfos and RPC Bebo to develop and produce a bespoke tub for their new spreadable butter. The first prototypes of the successful packaging solution saw the light of day at the RPC Superfos Innovation Center in Denmark.

All aspects of convenience and attraction come into play in a new spreadable butter product sold under the premium brand Weihenstephan. Müller Group GmbH, Germany’s largest dairy company, is behind the recent launch of this butter product with a clever new quality which makes it spreadable even when cooled. It has an outstanding taste and, in addition, it comes in a beautiful pack with emotional appeal created by a soft flowing shape and harmonious combination of vivid colours. To complete the consumer’s experience, the innovative bespoke packaging solution is extremely handy to use.

Instrumental Innovation Center
The key convenience comes from the injection-moulded lid featuring a flap which ensures reliable easy opening and resealing. The lid makes a click-sound when closed correctly.

In search of packaging excellence, Müller Group involved the RPC Superfos Innovation Center in Denmark. The way to this successful bespoke packaging encompassed a design agency suggesting a general design, while RPC Superfos together with the sister company RPC Bebo refined it and came up with the technically feasible solution. Martin Kunst, Senior Packaging Developer at Müller Group, says the expertise from both packaging companies and their technical facilities have been instrumental in the development of an exciting new tub for spreadable butter:

“The RPC Superfos Innovation Center is absolutely sophisticated and very inspirational. It is quite exceptional to have access to an advantage of this calibre. We tested a few versions of our pack and it proved to be truly valuable and useful to produce a small amount of packs so that we could achieve the perfect solution.”

Like knife through butter: one solution, two suppliers
There are two versions of the butter product. One is targeted at quality conscious consumers who are loyal to the premium Weihenstephan brand and tend to put the butter tub on their dining table; for this, both tub and lid are injection moulded. The other version is a private label product sold through major supermarkets in Germany. The pack for the latter combines an injection moulded tub with a thermoformed lid, produced by RPC Bebo including state-of-the art decoration thanks to the patented pre-printing technology, Bebo Print.

“We have enjoyed working with RPC on both projects and have experienced seamless communication and smooth project management. At all times, all team members knew about all steps of the packaging development project. It has been a one-stop-shop experience, even though one of the solutions involved two suppliers,” says Martin Kunst.

The new spreadable butter in its appealing packaging stands out on the retailer’s shelf. Already popular with German consumers, Müller Group considers taking the successful product to several export markets.

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