Helios chooses quality plastic paint cans

Helios chooses quality plastic paint cans

The paint producer Helios is among the top 10 European coating producers and recently part of global paint producer KANSAI Paint Group. Helios has now started to collaborate with RPC Superfos on plastic cans for interior wall paint and facade paint.

Though most of the packaging for paint and coatings produced by Helios, Slovenia, is currently metal, plastic paint containers are increasingly part of the Helios portfolio mostly in water based paints. For wall paints, the paint producer now only uses plastic cans and pails, as more and more people appreciate the qualities of plastic containers.

The user-friendliness, the light weight and the sustainable touch are all attractive key points and explain why paint and plastic containers make a great couple ‒ especially when the supplier is RPC Superfos.

Purchasing Director Uroš Primožič from Helios says:

“Until now, we have only worked with one supplier of this type of plastic packaging. Then we had a window of opportunity to consider an alternative supplier and turned to RPC Superfos; a company which we had already heard good news about.”

Great common understanding
The pails from RPC Superfos are called SuperOval and come in three sizes: 5.5, 12 and 18 litres. They are used for the indoor paint brand Spektra® Classic Plus, targeted at both professional painters and the DIY market segment.

Regarding the fairly new cooperation, Uroš Primožič paints a pleasant picture of RPC Superfos as supplier of plastic packaging solutions:

“Our experience with the local RPC Superfos team is positive. We appreciate the efficient way we first received technical information about the containers and then the relevant samples. It did not take long to find a common understanding and so we could arrange a few trial shipments.”

International footprint counts
This year, Helios has received the first SuperOval deliveries from RPC Superfos. The company only recently became a member of the KANSAI Paint Group, Japan, ranked among top 10 global paint companies. Helios itself has paint production sites in eight European countries, and customers are worldwide. As such, the international footprint of RPC Superfos is of interest to Helios.

“The performance of RPC Superfos is on the expected level and business is running smoothly. We believe our fresh collaboration can be the start of a long-term business relationship. Being a global company with a broad product range, RPC Superfos represents reliability and professionalism. We see prospects for expanding our business to other types of packaging, different solutions and further developing our business,” Uroš Primožič concludes.

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