EasySnacking™ promotes new way to enjoy cereals

EasySnacking™ promotes new way to enjoy cereals

In the market for cereal products, a new offering from the Greek company Tsakiris Family resonates with modern consumers. Sold in the EasySnacking™ pot from RPC Superfos, their top quality cereals can now be enjoyed as a perfect ‘snack on-the-go’ – plain or possibly with milk.

Are healthy whole-wheat cereals best with milk or yogurt or could they also qualify as a plain snack? The family owned business Tsakiris Family, Greece, has spotted a new trend and is now launching a range of cereals which can be enjoyed straight from the pack and on-the-go – in the same way as nuts or crisps.

A new way to enjoy cereals
The premium cereals, Le Petit Déjeuner, which are rich in dietary fibre, are on the market as a single-serving size in the sleek EasySnacking™ packaging from RPC Superfos. A convenient spoon is in the lid, just in case the end-user would like to add a dairy product.

Maria Tsakiris is Corporate Marketing Officer at Tsakiris Family. She says:

“The EasySnacking™ pot is absolutely cute, convincing and clearly convenient at work, at school or while on the move. It sets us apart from our competitors, as not many cereal brands offer a to-go solution. The small handy size is new to the market, where cereals traditionally are sold in larger cardboard boxes.”

“We offer delicious cereal snacks in a new and exciting way and the packaging is an essential part of our branding. The spoon is lovely and as a whole, the EasySnacking™ pack from RPC Superfos hits the nail on the head,” Maria Tsakiris adds

Vintage look catches the eye
The new range consists of three varieties; whole-wheat morsels with cinnamon, whole-wheat morsels dipped in hazelnut praline or crunchy whole-wheat pillows with hazelnut filling. Accordingly, the EasySnacking™ pot comes in three different highly detailed artwork designs with a vintage look. The advanced In-Mould Labelling technique renders picture-perfect graphic quality with an attractive look.

Global export and valued collaboration
The concept of ease and convenience for cereal snacking resonates with modern consumers, not only in Europe, but also in countries such as China, Taiwan and South Korea, to which Le Petit Déjeuner cereals in the on-the-go format are also exported.

“Simply showing the sample packaging and presenting our concept to our international business partners has proved to be a great door opener. Generally, business seems to go really well,” Maria Tsakiris says and further, she expresses her appreciation for the collaboration with RPC Superfos:

“We feel that we can fully trust RPC Superfos as our packaging provider and value the service that we get. Apart from a few hiccups in the first round, the big picture is that the RPC Superfos team is very attentive, helpful and kind.”

The Tsakiris Family is today run by the third generation. The company was founded in 1963 by Maria Tsakiris’ grandfather and is widely known for its production and distribution of fresh eggs, besides its breakfast cereals.

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