• All that glitters is not metal

    Keep the great look of metal while getting the benefits of plastics. This is possible with the In-Mould Labelling technique from RPC Superfos. The paint producer PPG has successfully completed a huge conversion from metal to plastic for a top end product.

  • Fast moving consumer goods in modern packaging

    The packaging for the launch of an entirely new product line of chilled ready-made food from Swedish Procordia was not a random choice. The SuperLock pot from RPC Superfos was carefully picked to signal innovation, novelty and continuous development.

  • New plastic pack makes vegetables stand out

    For the urban and active target group, French food producer Charles & Alice puts high quality cooked vegetables on the market in a SuperLock pack. This contributes to creating a unique product differentiation.

  • Let the packaging speak

    As the Czech market for paint is dominated by round and oval pails, paint producer Kittfort chose a rectangular container for the launch of a new interior paint. The colours are great - both on the inside and the outside of the packaging solution.

  • Bespoke solution for cheese: small, tall and slender

    A new, small pack is the gateway for selling blocks of white cheese in Denmark and Finland under the brand Taverna. The pack is specially designed and produced by RPC Superfos. Despite being small, it has a big surface for brand display.

  • SuperLift containers carry biological samples

    After surgery, removed organs and tissue are often taken from hospital to laboratory for analysis. Hazardous formaldehyde is usually part of the procedure, but now it can be spared because the SuperLift container makes the special transport safe and easy without it.

  • Instant cocoa moves on from cardboard to plastic

    Some things never change: Everybody likes to have a delicious cup of chocolate; hot or cold. This is why the high quality instant cocoa from Spanish Chocolates Santa María remains the same, but now the packaging has changed from cardboard to plastic from RPC Superfos.

  • Retro-look container is a promotion tool

    Certain shapes and colours evoke nostalgic memories of the good old days. Procter & Gamble tapped into this and rewarded loyal customers with a free gift from Clics Toys packed in a retro-look container from RPC Superfos.

  • Plastic pot peps up pulp

    A family-size plastic packaging for fruit pulp was the choice of French food producer Charles & Alice, when the company wanted to revitalise compote. Their choice looks promising.

  • Size matters: New paint sold in small, cubic containers

    A small, rectangular plastic container for paint stands out. This is why this packaging solution is a perfect match for a new type of special paint launched by one of France’s biggest paint producers.

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