• New bespoke pack is more than just a facelift

    Valio, the market leader in Finland of fresh dairy products, turned to RPC Superfos for a high quality enhancement of its prior pack for butter spreads. The result is an eye-catching pack with great functionality.

  • Have you heard about the click-sound?

    A friendly acoustic indication lets the consumer know that the twist-off screw-on lid of the SuperLock pot has been properly closed. This re-closing functionality intrigued Austrian food producer Wojnar and the company is now using the award-winning pot for a range of hummus.

  • Keep customer attention on your brand

    A renewed and improved packaging solution is part of the action plan for keeping your customers interested in your brand and product. To do just that, the Norwegian company Mills DA now re-launches two types of margarine in a sleek, updated bespoke pack from RPC Superfos.

  • Great start for new soups in plastic pots

    A convincing packaging solution is part of the recipe for launching a new business in the food segment. Polish Pan Pomidor & Company has started well using the RingLock® pot from RPC Superfos for a series of new tasty vegetable soups.

  • Purchase Managers are human, too

    Bulk pack sizes and efficient logistics are cornerstones in the B2B trade; however, artwork design also has a positive impact on purchase managers. This is the experience of Italian Elenka that produces and sells products for making ice cream and pastry.

  • Culinary creativity: Packaging supports the vision

    For the urban target group fancying ready-to-serve meals out of the ordinary, French Green Shoot has just created a series of delicious Asian soups. The packaging, UniPak from RPC Superfos, perfectly supports the brand image of a trendsetting company.

  • Salami: Upside down pot is on the up

    Knowing what the customers want and making it available to them is a great recipe for success for any business. Norwegian Grilstad found out that consumers prefer a screw lid for their pack with sliced salami. Now, they got it – in a pot turned upside down from RPC Superfos.

  • Lactose free butter spreads in the United States

    In response to the growing number of Americans who suffer from lactose intolerance Butterfields Butter LLC now launches a new lactose free butter product in a unique packaging from RPC Superfos. Both content and packaging are completely new on the US market.

  • Soup for toddlers in premium packaging

    Though looking for convenience and flexibility, parents do not want to compromise on food quality for their toddlers. This is why a series of organic soups of finest quality for this target group is popular in the United Kingdom. The packaging of equally high quality is from RPC Superfos.

  • With weight reduction, less is more

    In respond to customers’ demand of a lighter and more environmentally friendly packaging, Italian Gruppo Francia now uses the SuperLight pot for Aldi’s private label mozzarella cheese, Cucina. The results include a more cost efficient packaging solution.

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