• Bulk pack sausages stay fresh in plastic pail

    Are large plastic pails suitable for sausages? German meat producer Metten Fleischwaren has no doubt at all: plastic pails with oxygen barrier protection from Superfos confer big benefits - by the bucket-load, actually.

  • Sole plastic packaging provider for herring

    What criteria do you use for selecting your packaging provider? To the Danish herring producer Tenax, high quality pails, consistency of supply and straightforward cooperation are decisive points. Today, Superfos is the sole supplier of Tenax plastic packs.

  • Biodegradable vineyard clips now sold in pails

    It is a rapidly growing success story in a global niche market: French Compagnie des Agrafes has developed a 100% biodegradable vineyard clip to support vertical growth. The clips now come in SuperCube® pails with both product and pack attracting rave reviews.

  • New paint bucket has modern look and works better

    Paint from Nirlat, one of the leading paint companies in Israel, now comes in a bucket that essentially looks as it always has, yet in terms of functionality and on shelf presence, it offers new benefits. A bespoke solution from Superfos delivered the improvements.

  • New pack creates brand awareness among chefs

    Frozen seafood from the Spanish company Original Gourmet now comes in a rectangular bucket from Superfos. It clearly displays the trademark and stays around in professional kitchens, as chefs re-use the handy pack when emptied.

  • New Lurpak series retains signature silver shine

    A new series of Lurpak spreadables - the UK’s favourite butter and spreadable brand - are on the market in a CombiPac tub from Superfos. The line extension offers tasty new infusions, but in terms of looks, the pack displays the well-known silver shine from the parent brand.

  • New bespoke dispenser means less food waste

    A new bespoke dispenser for sauces at cafeterias reduces food waste through improved emptying and adds value to the products of French company Lesieur. The solution is the result of a successful co-creation involving Superfos and Promens.

  • Connecting with customers through bespoke pots

    A new type of bespoke packaging from Superfos makes it easier for the Czech food company Delimax to hook up with its customers. The attractive solution for salads and seafood comes with a QR-code on the side.

  • The strainer makes the difference

    A pack with a strainer is a spot on solution for seafood products in brine. This is what Santa Bremor, market leader in the fish industry in Belarus, concludes after using the UniPak container with insert from Superfos for a few months.

  • Packaging design advantages for salads

    Using a well-known feature in an unusual context has resulted in an outstanding and award-winning packaging for salads from Orkla Foods Norway. The twist cup is thermoformed while the lid is injection moulded.

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