• New cup for pasta is ‘hot’ − but not burning hot!

    Italy is famous for countless attractions, including its great food tradition. Now, the taste of Italy is available via MakeGusto ready meals in a cup from Superfos, cleverly combining plastic and cardboard. As hot water simmers in the plastic cup, the outer layer of cardboard protects users against the heat.

  • “We like the attention we get from our new pot”

    A delicious dessert cream series from Michel et Augustin is now on shelf in France. Packed in a SuperLock® pot with eye-catching artwork decoration, it simply stands out from the rest and already looks very much like a success.

  • Vitax helps gardeners to reduce, reuse and recycle

    A leading UK gardening company, Vitax Ltd, has reduced the amount of virgin plastic in their packaging by opting for a special SuperLift® pail from Superfos, a Berry Global company. The new strong pail is made from 30% recycled plastic and, when empty, is fully recyclable too.

  • This strong appealing pot protects pure guacamole

    A minimally processed avocado product from the Spanish fruit and vegetable processor Avomix is kept safe, tasty, and fresh in a SuperLock® pot from Superfos. The pot is strong enough to withstand high pressure processing, eliminating the need for additives and preservatives.

  • “Yes, we’re extremely happy with the UniPak tubs”

    Durable quality and uniqueness make the UniPak tub an ideal choice for Borgat pop-up lollipops from Al Wefag, headquartered in Saudi Arabia.

  • Lighter weight and improved performance

    Can you reduce packaging weight and improve its quality? The answer is clearly yes when you ask the dairy company Arla Foods UK after the revamp of a tub from Superfos, a company of Berry Global. See how much less virgin material is now used for the 500g tub filled with a butter blend.

  • Recipe for success: optimal pot for Optimel salad

    A different shape and a convenient lid make the SuperLock® pot a great match for a new range of healthy and tasty Optimel® salads from Friesland Campina produced by the Dutch company Royal Smilde Foods. Shortly after the product launch, sales figures are already ahead of forecast.

  • An easy win-win: new cake pack has improved recyclability

    Simply swapping black with a semi-clear colour has a significant impact on pack recyclability. This easy change is what Park Cakes, M&S and Superfos have made to produce a new look cake tub with improved sustainability. Now, the tub is labelled as ‘Widely Recycled’ in the UK.

  • Strong sales performance in vibrant tub from Superfos

    In a fresh and eye-catching seasonal SuperLift® pail, the UK company Tangerine Confectionery successfully re-launches the Barratt seasonal range – the UK’s favourite sweets. The pail is from Superfos and has a very strong shelf standout, leading to additional distribution in the market.

  • Organic dairy: Superfos pot makes good sense

    The Norwegian organic dairy Rørosmeieriet is keen on sustainability and has now opted for the innovative EasySnacking™ packaging solution from Superfos for yogurt with muesli topping and for sour cream. The look and feel of the pot supports the creative profile of the dairy.

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